Interview Ansi Kartela Vocalist for Rippikoulu done by Patrick July 2014

Rippikoulu are a Finnish band that started out as a cross-over band playing a punk / metal style in 1990 and then disappeared for quite a while. But the band has returned once again in 2014, they signed to Svart Records. These days they are playing a great death/doom style. The band recently released their new release "Ulvaja" and all fans of death/doom need to check this band out.


Hello Ansi who were some of the first metal bands you discovered?

Hello Patrick!! I think it all started with bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer and Sepultura and then moved on the death metal.

When did you and the other members of Rippikoulu first meet? What is the current line up for the band? For the readers who have never heard Rippikoulu how would you describe the music?

I knew Olli since childhood and later they asked me to join Rippikoulu. The line-up is Anssi/vocals, Olli/guitar, Janne/bass and Mikko/drums. We play doom/death music.

Rippikoulu first came into the scene in 1990. Why did the band break up in 1995? What made you all decide to reform after so many years?

Our guitar player Marko died in 1995 and we never recovered from it completely. After Musta Seremonia was re-released by Svart Records in 2010 we thought it would be fun to play music again.

Rippikoulu is getting ready to release the new Mlp / Mcd "Ulvaja" through Svart Records. How did you all come in contact with the label? How long did it take to write the songs for this release? Does the whole band work on music or does one or two members usually write everything?

We knew Svart Records would be interested in us after the re-release of Musta Seremonia. It took a few years to write songs and then one day we thought it would be nice to go to the studio and we decided to record Ulvaja. Olli is our main composer and then we all try to put songs together.

Who usually writes the lyrics what are some subjects you all write about?

I write the lyrics and they are like poems about life and death.

How has the response been from the fans? What about the Press?

The response has been pretty good from fans and press all the time. Of course we are happy with that. It has been over 20 years now and I think there are some big fans out there.

Does Rippikoulu have any tours / shows coming up in support of "Ulvaja"? Who are some bands you have shared the stage with in the past? If you could set up a dream show who are some bands you would love to share the stage with?

There is no shows coming up. Back in 90`s we rarely played with well-known big bands. There was bands like Sentenced and Amorphis touring in the same places, but at different times than us. Dream show would be with Bolt Thrower and My Dying Bride.

Rippikoulu come out of Finland’s metal scene what is your opinion of Finland's metal scene?

I do not follow the scene very active but there is some new bands which sounds great.

Who are some of your favorite Finnish metal bands? Are there any new bands you feel the readers should check out?

Not any big favourites at the moment but you should check out at least Beastmilk and Vainaja.

Are you or any of the members of Rippikoulu currently working with other bands or solo projects? If yes, please tell the readers about them.

Our drummer and bass player play in other bands. These bands are more like rock-music. But with the death-metal scene there are no other big projects now, just Rippikoulu.

Anssi you handle the vocals for the band when did you first become interested in singing? Do you do anything special to keep your voice / throat healthy?
-  I have always been interested in singing at least as long as I have been listening to music. There is no medicine for my throat, if it hurts just scream louder (Hell yeah! – Dale).

Anssi who are your influences / favorite singers? Do you play any other instruments?

I feel more like a poet than a singer even though I love strong singers with something to say like Jim Morrison or Lana Del Rey for example.

Thank  you Ansi for taking the time to fill this out. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thank you Patrick!! Check out our new ep Ulvaja!!



The Rippikoulu Discography 

Homemade Tapes, 1990

Mutaation Auheuttama Sisainen Mataneminen Demo, 1992

Musta Seremonia Demo, 1993

Ulvaja MCD / Mini-LP, 2014




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