This interview was conducted in June 2023 with Namtar of the band Namtaru and the owner / operator of Plague Demon Records. The interview was conducted in co-conspiracy by Patrick Schroeder and Dale Roy. I think this band and label deserve more attention and support, so read onward and check out this verteran of the UG scenes activities...



When did you first discover rock and metal music and who were the first artists and bands that you listened to? Do you remember what the first albums, demos and/fanzines you bought? Being from Philadelphia what is it you like about living in a big city, and a some things you dislike about it (any thoughts of ever moving out)?

As a kid ( as far back as I can remember ) I first found Kiss , I grew up with 8 brothers so they were coming home with a lot of punk and metal , so at a young age I was listening to a lot of The Misfits, early Metallica ,Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Possessed, Exodus, Death, Destruction, Sodom, Minor Threat, Fugazi, The Crumbsuckers, Cromags, Motorhead, Kreator, Ludichrist, stuff like that.

I believe the first album I bought myself was Slayer Ė Haunting the chapel.

I didnít really get into demo trading until the 90ís, before that I was just buying albums from the store, I had a really good record store in my neighborhood and the owner would let you listen to the albums before you bought them, so I got a good amount of music there, also they always had great bootleg concerts on cassette, so I purchased a whole lot of good bootlegs there.

As far as zines , I would say I probably bought more zines from the store at first, back then they had some really killer stuff in the store bought magazines , later on I started getting more into the underground zines, as far as the timeline itís a bit cloudy, I remember getting Bathory zine, of course Canadian Assault later on, Metal Nightmare, its been so long it all kind of blends together in my memories to be honest.

And living in Philly thereís not a whole lot keeping me here right now, other then the food and convenience of having everything I need right in the area, I donít really have any good things to say, murders and robberies are just getting worse, I sit in my backyard at night and hear gunshots in all directions, bullshit woke ideologies plague the city, opiates (leading to the zombie apocalypse as I call it) are destroying a lot of areas along with homelessness, I spend a lot of time at my drummers house in the mountains 3 hours away from the city to get away and write new music for Namtaru, almost every weekend Iím up there, I have no plans to move as of right now but Iím certainly not opposed to it.

What drew you to the more extreme and evil side of metal, what was the progression for you from your initial rock/heavy metal bands, to work your way up to the thrash, black and death metal scenes? And what is it about these genres that has kept you in the Underground scene over the decade's?

I always had a love for extreme metal, I found a lot of great albums at a very young age, I was also a very morbid as a kid and into the occult (still am that way) , so I was always looking for the next best thing, always looking for more extreme metal, I was very into death metal towards the late 80ís early 90ís and then the 2nd wave of black metal hit me and I knew what I wanted to do from there, these days I get really bored with new stuff, I canít stand the cookie monster death metal hahaha, I mostly listen to old 80ís thrash, black, death metal hardcore, punk, and of course 90ís black metal, also I listen to a good amount of old rock bands Motorhead, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, The Doors, mostly 60ís and 70ís rock. I will always keep writing and releasing new Namtaru songs, its something I just canít stop doing, that old school black metal is always coursing through my veins and it keeps me going through thick and thin!

You started Namtaru in 1995, what gave you the idea to start this band? What meaning does the name have for you? Tell us about the recording process of their debut EP ďThe Plagues of NamtarĒ? This EP came out on Gothic Records, tell us how this deal came together? The next release was a split, I remember this second label World War III vaguely, what can you tell us about them?

In 1995 me and original singer Azael ( Tim Day R.I.P.) started Namtaru as we both were really into the 2nd wave of black metal, the band name came from some personal experiences I had with occult rituals, at the time I was diving deep into my occult studies and doing some really dark rituals, we then met up with all of the Blood Storm guys at a party here in Philly in 1996 and Teloc Coraxo ( Frank Gamble) joined us on drums, who later brought in Shaitan (John Litchko) on 2nd lead guitar and I brought my high school friend Chuck Sherwood in to play bass for Namtaru, we all wound up also doing Perverseraph and Blood Storm later on, we first recorded The plagues of Namtar EP with Azael on vocals, he then had a falling out with one of our other band members and left, I then started doing the vocals for Namtaru and went back to the studio and we redid the vocals and remixed The plagues of Namtar EP and it was later picked up by Gothic records, along with our Perverseraph EP Savage Messiah , the 2 EPís came out right around the same time and sold really well, the owner of Gothic records later started WW3 records I believe around 2001 and asked us to do a remastered split with our 2 releases on one CD , so both of those EPís were the same exact members the only difference was at first I wrote all Namtaru songs and Shaitan wrote most of the Perverseraph songs.

Who was the dumb fuck that got your identity wrong on Encyclopedia Metallium (both under the the name Namtar and under Axarcuth, both incorrect separately on different band pages)!? Have you ever tried to have it corrected? I like this site but they need to make sure the information is correct.

I honestly donít know what asshole that was but have been trying to get it fixed for years, the pic on the Namtaru page was also wrong, Iím not even in the picture itís Shaitan, Teloc Coraxo and Alex Boulks in that pic and like I said I really have no clue who wrote that shit up, but if anyone knows how I can get it fixed contact me and let me know.

Who would you say are the bands biggest influences over the years? Have they stayed the same or has the music style changed over the years and releases? Do you think your playing is better than the old days, and is does that even matter for you or for what you want to create with Namtaru?

I would say my biggest influences are Voivod, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Venom, Kreator, Old Darkthrone, early Emperor and Enslaved, Impaled Nazareneís first album, Death, early Carcass, Slayer, Satyricon, a whole lot to mention on that subject but they are some of my influences, I donít feel they changed much over the years , as far as my playing goes, I feel it has gotten better with age and the new songs weíre working on are pretty sick, we try to keep the same sound and style, but have definitely written a few songs recently that have some more melodic parts and some experimental parts to them, but we are also working on some really sick old school sounding songs as well. I like to mix it up a little these days, I like songs to be great but also fun to play at the same time. If you arenít having fun with what youíre doing whatís the point?

ďStrange Tales Of Uptown R'leyhĒ is a new Anthology release, which I believe is all your songs from your two EP's and split releases. What gave you the idea to do a compilation release? Do you feel like there are different eras of the bands music, line-ups, and are you still in one of those eras with your 2019 EP & 2020 Split releases, or do you feel like you are entering into a new different one?

Well I have been working with a good amount of labels all over different parts of the world, the idea actually came from my good friend Jay from Masters of Kaos productions in Colombia, we are actually going to do a 2nd anthology with the demoís before I was singing and some practices, live and unreleased songs as well, the only release I feel is a bit different was the 4 songs we did on the split album ( That is not dead which can eternal lie ) with Legio Inferi from Colombia, originally we were not supposed to be on this release, another band was supposed to do it and then dropped off, so we did a little experiment in writing and recording and in the end it was not my proudest work, but it still came out pretty sick, But I feel the sound is much different then our other releases. As of the last 15 years it has been myself and Drummer Ben ( Daimon ) Fahy also Shaitan was on some of the newer stuff but will not be joining us anymore for future recordings. Egoís are not my thing, thatís all I can really say on that subject.

You kind of put Namtaru on hold at a certain point. I believe this is when you joined Perverseraph and probably more importantly (or am I wrong about that?) Blood Storm. What do you remember about this time frame, were you excited to join these two bands and tell us some thoughts or memories of the early days in those bands?

Well in the beginning we were pulling off all three bands, after a good couple years we decided the Namtaru and Perverseraph stuff was starting to become the same as we were all writing for the newer stuff in Perverseraph and wanted to focus more on one band, myself being the bigger person at the time chose to lay Namtaru to rest for a while, after that all songs were done as Perverseraph, Blood Storm however was itís own entity, I was constantly touring with Blood Storm and did quite a few releases with them over the years, I left the band in 2003ish and went on only to play with Perverseraph until around 2007, we went through quite a few lineups in that era of Perverseraph, many drummers and Mike Trush (ex Deteriorate) on bass and later on drums as well. After the end of the Perverseraph era I started playing with Ben and eventually reformed Namtaru. I have great memories and some shitty memories with all 3 bands honestly , but donít choose to dwell on the negative . With all 3 bands I have met and played shows with almost every band I ever listened to and respected. So just that in itself was pretty awesome!

Is it true you basically wrote, or at least mostly created an entire Perverseraph album that was never fully recorded or released? Why did this not happen, was it frustrating and/or did it feel like you wasted your time putting in all of this effort? Did this event lead to your departure from the band? Have you any plans to repurpose any of that material for Namtaru, or is that material just too different from Namtaru?

The answer to that is yes unfortunately, I feel that the lost Perverseraph album was some of the sickest stuff I ever wrote in my whole career, all rhythm and lead guitar as well as drums were recorded , we spent almost a year working on the album, as we were nearing the end of the recording Shaitan said he wanted to talk and proceeded to break up the band because he only wrote one riff on each song, I felt almost devastated  as this was some of my best writings ever and I know Mike Trush wasnít happy about it either. I am actually trying to get the recordings from the studio we recorded the album in , but have faced many road blocks as Shaitan keeps harassing the studio about rights to the recordings, so yeah it all boils down to once again Egoís , I just donít get it, if you didnít wanna release the album because I wrote 99% of it, why put up a fight when Iím trying to get it out there? That whole scenario makes 0% sense to me and this was honestly a story I didnít wish to tell, but Iím just being honest. When I do get my hands on it, yes it will be released as Namtaru.

I should disclose something here, and that is you and I used to hang out quite regularly at Chris Gambleís (Blood Storm, Goreaphobia) house many weekends from, if memory serves, from say 1999 to 2003ish. I attended some Blood Storm rehearsals, and traveled with the band on many road excursions. So that is the long winded preamble to ask for some event memories we share. Such as a car accident (car flipped on itís roof in the ditch) on the way back from a gig, a live in studio recording session at the WNYU radio station in NYC, and the mini-tour with Sadistic Intent, Nunslaughter and others. GoÖ

Yeah man, I believe you have your years right, I remember you coming to rehearsals quite frequently, the car accident was crazy, we played with Destroyer 666 that night along with many other great bands, we were driving home from the show in 2 cars, unfortunately the car I was in got sideswiped by a car doing way over 100 miles per hour, Chuck was driving and we had my little brother and 2 other friends in the back seat, we flipped down the highway about 200 to 300 feet and landed in some swampy water upside down, I was drowning when I awoke, I blacked out once we started flipping, so yeah when I came to, I was completely submerged under water, I tried to kick the window out but couldnít as the roof was crushed in and I was panicking, finally I found the window controls and was able to open the window and crawl out, I then started pulling people out of the car and I believe your car full of people backed up and seen what happened, Vas from Black witchery was playing drums for us that night and I remember I couldnít get Chuck out and he came over with a pocket knife and cut Chuckís seat belt off. My brother broke his back and everyone was in bad shape, amazing as it is we all lived and as soon as everyone was safely out of the car my adrenaline ran out and I collapsed on the side of the road next to my brother. I couldnít walk for 2 months and I believe and had a concussion for almost 6 months, so yeah that was wild.

The radio station thing was really cool, we played live on the air in New York City and then yes we played with Nun Slaughter and Sadistic Intent along with some other great bands later that night.

Also I remember you coming to Chris Gambleís house quite frequently over those years, we had our weekly parties with some really cool people over there quite often, those were the good old days for sure! (These gatherings were great, a lot of dedication people from the UG scene and bands like Abazagorath, Funebrarum, Kult Of Azazel, Goreaphobia, Black Witchery, Absu etcÖ - Dale)

What led to your departure from, is it fair to say, your longest active band (in regards to rehearsing, playing live and recording/releases) with Blood Storm? Do you miss Blood Storm or are you happy to move on and do a band you are control of and write the music for?

Blood Storm was definitely a band I did a lot with, Chris was a great front man who I learned a lot from working with and we were really good friends for years, I think my years with them were some of the best for my music career, My decision to leave came from too much control of our music by our label at the time, it was run by Chrisís ex wife and I just wasnít comfortable with some things that were going on, so yeah I departed the band on some terms I wish never happened, Thankfully quite a few years later when I was with Perverseraph we played a show in North New Jersey with the then reformed Goreaphobia and me and Chris spoke for a while and basically I believe we both came to a understanding on the whole thing, we still talk here and there on Facebook and run into each other at the supermarket every now and then. I do miss playing shows and recording with them as we had a great thing going for many years, but I definitely like writing my own songs now, not for the control aspect, but for being able to work without any problems or concerns other then writing and playing new music and also being able to release my own albums through my own label.

Are you still in contact with and/or comrades with Blood Storm main man Chris Gamble (aka Mezzadurus) these days? How about Chuck Sherwood (ex-Blood Storm, now Incantation), do you still talk to or see Chuck around? Are you currently in any bands outside of Namtaru? Do you think you would ever be open to joining another existing band?

Like I said in the previous question I do still talk to Chris now and then, also his brother Frank ( Teloc Coraxo ) as far as Chuck goes I havenít spoken to him in quite a good amount of years now, not because I donít want to, I have known Chuck since high school, but I guess we have both been pretty busy and our paths just havenít crossed in years, Iím sure one day our paths may cross again, our scene is only so big hahaha

As far as bands go I am only doing Namtaru now, I donít really care too much about touring anymore, I just wanna have fun jamming and recording new stuff, we have quite the studio set up these days and weíre having a blast making and recording new stuff.

I believe not long ago you told me George (aka Necrodemius Hammerhorde from Decieverion, ex-Crucifier) was joining the band. How is that progressing. What is the current line-up of the band and do you think it will last for a while? 

Well I would really like for George to join up with us, we were also going to work with his bassist Chris Chamberland, the problem so far is where we play and record is 3 hours away in the mountains of PA and they havenít made their way up as of yet due to their work schedules, but I would like if they came up and worked with us, I would be able to play soloís again at practice hahaha, so for now its just me and Ben (Daimon) Fahy on drums, weíre about to record our new EP followed by a full length that will be a concept album ,which we are both working on lyrically and musically together. So either way we are doing what we want to be doing, but yeah I hope those guys join us sometime in the future.

I believe you also told me earlier this year that you are working on both a new full length and a Mcd for Namtaru. Do you have any idea when these releases might be out? Will they be released together or at separate times? They will be out on Plague Demon?

So yes, we are currently finishing up writing the EP, we have one more song to get down perfectly and then weíll start the recording process for that release which yes will be released by Plague Demon, following this recording we will get right to the full length and like I said in the previous question it will be a concept album, we were forced to take a 2 year break as we both had some things going on and just got back to writing in March, so Iím hoping the EP will be done by July and the full length by the end of the year, but so far Iím really excited about what weíre doing now and itís just going to get better and yes the full length will be released on Plague Demon as well.

How long did it take you to write the music for these upcoming releases? Is it all new material or bits and bit and pieces you had from over the years? How long would you say it usually takes to complete one song on average?

A few songs were harder to get down and took a few rehearsals for us to get back in the swing of things, now we have been getting songs down pretty quickly, our newest song only took 1 day to get down, and yes its all new material, Iím thinking of doing one song from the lost Perverseraph album because I feel that song needs to see the light of day, but weíll see what happens with that one. But yes we are writing all new songs.

I believe over the years that Namtaru has played some live shows. Any memories come to mind and do you have a fave show you have done? What bands have Namtaru shared the stage with? Do you enjoy playing live or do you prefer creating and working in the studio?

Namtaru as Namtaru has done a few really small showís in comparison to the Blood Storm and Perverseraph years, I think one show sticks out for me personally when Azael was still on vocals, they were good years and a good start to a long career for me, I absolutely do enjoy playing live in the past but donít feel the need to do so anymore, now I just wanna write and record in our own studio at whatever pace we see fit, playing live is awesome but I feel itís something I did for years and at my age Iím cool with just writing and recording now.

Do you have any plans to tour or play some shows in support of the new releases when they are released? Do you think you could ever put together a tour or mini-tour with some bands from the Plague Demon stable?

I donít see plans to tour for us personally, but yes I want to put a tour together for Plague Demon at some point, weíll see how things go, the world is a fucked up place these days so who knows where life is going to take us at this point.

Speaking of Plague Demon Records. Letís switch gears and focus on that now. How and when did the idea of starting a record label germinate? How longer after the idea started brewing did it become a reality? Did you start out with a shoestring budget, or did you save up a war chest for a while first?

Plague Demon Records became a thought around 2019, I spent a year pondering and learning all I could before it actually started up in 2020, I had a decent budget and had received all 500 copies of my Namtaru Ė Ancient Serpent -7inch due to the demise of Afterworld records, they folded the week my 7 inch came out and I was given all of my vinyls so selling them gave me a little more cash to work with (That is a nice shot in the arm starting out - Dale). The beginning was a learning process, but I soon figured most things out and started doing well after a while.

Are you satisfied with how things have progressed with the label over the years? Do you foresee Plague being purely a black metal label, or are you open to other forms of metal? How did your many years of being in bands, recording and releasing said recordings, as well as being in a band on other peopleís record labels prepare you for running your own label?

Thingís have gone really well, its been about 3 and a half years now and Iím going on physical release number 80, Iím open to all forms of metal, but am easily bored with anything outside of black metal so it really has to stand out to me for me to take it. The only thing I learned over the years with other labels is I donít ever want to lie to any bands Iím supporting, thatís not good buisness. And if something isnít going to work, I need to just be honest about it. I had some personal, physical issues that made me have to slow down for a little while , but releases will still be coming from Plague Demon every month or 2 as Iím working on new Namtaru stuff and focusing more of my time on that right now and have plenty of releases to sell from all 80 releases we have done so far.

What were your first 3 releases for Plague Demon? What did you learn with those that helped you sharpen your label activities into what they are today? Is it difficult to promote your releases these days? Do you try to work with bands with a member, or members, that you know and have been in contact with previously? 

My first 3 releases were:

Alvarez Ė Hadad

Blaspherion Ė Path of fire

Deceiverion Ė The Separation

I think I pretty much had a good grasp on how to do things, of course I did figure out more as time went by, I donít think its hard to promote these albums I released, with social media, webzines and occasionally paper zines that are far and few between, but I do pay for many adds in paper magazines , I do deal with some bands I know and Iím usually in contact with at least one member of each band if not the whole band, but overall I find mostly new bands that are really good. I have made offers to some bands Iím friends with, even Blood Storm for our Ancient Wraith of Ku release (Killer album! -Dale), Iím constantly getting people asking where they can get that album, so I asked Chris and apparently he gave the rights to release this album to another label, so Iím really looking forward to seeing this rerelease when it comes out.

I know from having co-ran a label myself, things often do not go to plan. Do you have any stories of release delays, pressing problems, difficult bands to deal with or fellow record label trades and/or distribution snags? You almost exclusively release only CDs and digital, any plans in future for other formats?

Overall most things go to plan, like I was saying earlier I had some physical issues that made a few things hard for me to do at the time it was supposed to be done, I let all bands know what was happening and one band I was working with didnít have a care that I was injured and stopped talking to me because the release wasnít done on time, I would have gotten the release out if they just waited until I healed up, but they showed me their true colors and honestly they have tried to get money they werenít owed many times, one time I was asked for 4,000 dollars and really didnít appreciate the lies I was told when trying to get that money from me, but I believe there has only been 2 bands out of 80 releases that pulled some shady stuff and I dropped from the roster, as far as distro and all of that I really never had any issues.

Also I do mostly CD and digital releases, I do plan on getting vinyls out in the near future, I know cassette releases are big these days but I donít see that lasting, us older guys remember the horrible issues you have with cassette tapes getting eaten by the tape deck and having to wind the tape back in with a pencil, so I feel that fad will disappear soon, but who am I to say, I just know Iím not releasing cassettes, but I do carry other bands cassette releases.

With Plague Demon, I am not sure if it is every release, but many of your releases have been co-released by Chuck and his label Blasphemous Creations Of Hell from Florida. How did this alliance come about? Do you two sign your own bands or do you come to a consensus on what releases to do, and when? Do you ever disagree on a release and go it on your own due to that?

Me and Chuck met over 20 years ago at The sacrifice of the Nazarene child festival in San Antonio Texas and we wound up at first just giving each other pointers for running our labels, in the beginning we did co-releases here and there together and later on we partnered up for 99% of releases. We did send submissions back and forth and if we both liked the band we would sign them, if one of us liked a release and the other one didnít we would scrap it most of the time. There were a few we didnít do together because one of us liked it and the other didnít, but that was very rare. Unfortunately Chuck just folded his label as he was not selling enough and loosing money which really sucks because we had a great partnership, fortunately he is still doing the Blasphemous plagues of hell radio show, so he is still giving recognition to many bands and has the best black metal show out there. You can tune in every Wednesday at 7 PM EST. So letís give Chuck all the support we can and listen in each week. Also if youíre a black metal band looking to be played on air contact Chuck Manganiello on FB or messenger and send your submission to him.

Do you mainly take on releases where the band already has something recorded (or do you get involved prior to the recording)? Do you ever do multiple release agreements ahead of time (i.e. - essentially a contract verbally or on paper)? What are the current releases that you have available, from say the last year you would like promote and recommend to the readers? What are some of the upcoming releases that the readers should keep a eye out for?

I take new releases, sometimes rereleases, I have had multiple bands do quite a few releases with me but hold no band hostage, if you release with me and want to work with another label for your next release Iím always ok with that, or if you want to do a cassette/ vinyl of the same release Iím doing as long as you let me know Iím also cool with that. This year I have done multiple Niohoggr releases as well as Amock, I have rereleased Cranial Impalementís first album as Iím great friends with Caezar ( Yaotzin ) he also does Blaspherion/ Moribundus Christus/and Ritual Possession, also I just rereleased George from Deceiverionís old band Invasive Command, as well as my own own Namtaru Anthology 1, next up to be released is the A.K.U. / False Faith split, my Anthology 2 for Namtaru,which by the way will be titled Strange tales of long lost worlds, followed by my new Namtaru EP which I have not titled yet but have many names in the works to choose from.

We have finally come to the end my old friend and metal brother, on behalf of Patrick and myself I would like to thank for your time and energy filling this thing out! I donít think we can interrogate you any further, to inform our readers on you, I mean short of a Colonoscopy Haha. Please end with anything you want and throw some contacts and links at us. Cheers.

I would like to say thank you to you and Patrick both for all you do to support both Namtaru and Plague Demon Records, I also want to thank all of my friends, family, supporters and fans without you I would have nothing, hails to all of you!

Here's some links to find anything youíre looking for both for Plague Demon Records and Namtaru:



The Namtaru Discography 

The Plagues of Namtar CD EP, 1999

Perverseraph / Namtar Split Album, 2001

Ancient Serpent 7" EP, 2019

Namtaru / Legio Inferi Split Album, 2020

Strange Tales of Uptown R'leyh Anthology 1 Compilation CD, 2023



The Plague Demon Records Discography

Absentia - Vita sonitus, Mors expiari EP 2021 CD-R

Alvarez - Hadad Full-length 2020 CD

Alvarez - Digitaria Full-length 2021 CD

Amock - Slutten Full-length 2023 CD

Apocalyptic Leaders - Destructive Rage of the Enemies EP 2022

Azzaya - Thy Satanick Ascension Full-length 2022 CD

Blaspherion - Path of Fire Full-length 2020 CD

Blood Temptation - River of Styx Full-length 2020 CD

Bloodrust - A Legacy of Vengeance Full-length 2021 CD

Booze Serpent - Slices of Death Full-length 2021 CD

Chovu / The Witch Uchawi - Split 2022 CD

Crooked Horns - The Metamorphosis Full-length 2019 CD

Decieverion - The Separation EP 2018 CD

False Faith / A.K.U Horde of Black Metal Warriors - Split 2023 CD

Goatthornsskullbonechrusher - Fallen Tyrant EP 2021 CD

Gorguina - Of Shrouds and Daggers Full-length 2022 CD

HŪsemtuks HŪmiēn - Yawiēchinika Full-length 2022 CD

Indre MÝrke - Hymnes misanthropiques, ode ŗ la noirceur EP 2022 CD

Invasive Command - Ride... Invade... Kill... Conquer... Full-length 2023 CD

Isataii - Horns of Power EP 2021 CD-R

Isataii - Invoking in Darkness Full-length 2022 CD

Kuupyr - Black Forest Path Demo 2022 CD

Lord of Horns - The Forest at Dusk Full-length 2022 CD

Moribundus Christus Hostile Full-length 2020 PDR008 CD

Namtaru / Legio Inferi - That Is Not Dead Which May Eternal Lie Split 2020 CD

Namtaru Strange Tales of Uptown R'leyh Anthology 1 - Compilation 2023 CD Limited edition

Nebulous of Blood - In Total Violation of the Mind Full-length 2021 CD

Necroroots Distorted Visions of Death Full-length 2021 CD

Niohoggr - Berserker Full-length 2022 CD

Niohoggr - Ulvekriger Full-length 2023 CD

Niohoggr - Heathen Arcana Full-length 2023 CD

Old Pagan - The Sign of the Battle Dragon Full-length 2020 Pro CD-R

Old Pagan - She Loves the Pain Full-length 2021 CD

Old Pagan - She Loves the Pain Full-length 2021 Cassette Limited edition

Primordial Serpent - The Winter Warrior Full-length 2021 CD Limited edition

Primordial Serpent - Tales from the Northern Vastlands Full-length 2022 CD

Ritual - Possession Solitude EP 2015 CD

Satanic Command - Cult of the Beast's Blood Full-length 2022 CD

Serpent ov Old - Miskatonic Abysmal Path Full-length 2021 Pro CD-R

Sisters Memon - Sisters Memon Full-length 2021 CD

Sisters Memon - I the Witch Full-length 2022 CD

Temple of Gorgon - Throats of Lie Full-length 2021 CD

Thale - Daudens Kalde Auge EP 2021 CD

The Primitive - Founded in Hell EP 2020 CD

Void of Apep - Horror Vacui EP 2022 CD

Zwetwezen - All Turns to Dust Full-length 2021 CD

Zwetwezen - Infernal Demons of Lunacy Full-length 2023 CD



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