Interview with vocalist Larry Lethal by Patrick April 2013…

Sweden's  F.K.U (which stands for Freddy Kruger's Underwear) have released their fourth masterpiece of insanity. Rise Of The Mosh Mongers is seventeen tracks of high-energy  crossover thrash/punk. F.K.U should appeal to all fans of crossover thrash/punk with horror movie themes. Read onward to find out more...



Metal hails! Larry thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Me? Well, I'm just a dude who loves to play metal. I'm the singer in F.K.Ü. and I enjoy short walks, carb food and horror movies. By day I produce bands in my studio and by night I... sleep. I'm not afraid to go to sleep. Freddy's my buddy, my bro.

When did you and the other members of F.K.U meet? How did you all come up with the band's name? What is the "current line-up of the band? For the readers who have never heard F.K.U's music how would you best describe it?

Pat and Teddy formed the band with the original drummer Theo and they had been friends for a long time, playing together in other bands. They formed F.K.Ü. in 1989 as just a fun project since their other bands were a bit too serious. As far as I understand, Theo came up with the name back then and it stands for Freddy Krueger's Ünderwear. I would describe us as a horror themed thrash metal band. Nu fuss, just pure thrashin' fun.

The band recently released their fourth cd "4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers" how long did it take you guys to write and record the songs for this release?

I think we wrote the album on and off for 6 months then recorded it in three weeks. It usually doesn't take that long for us but this time we wanted to focus more on writing great songs.

How did F.K.U come in contact with Napalm Rec.? Are you guys happy with the job they have done so far? How  has the response been from the press and the fans?

We had just discussed shopping around for a new label but before we even had a chance we were contacted by Napalm. They seemed really serious and we just couldn't refuse their offer. So far their job has been amazing and we couldn't be happier. Reviews are just starting to come in and so far I've only seen the grades 7 or 8 out of 10 so I guess we did at least something right. Our fans have only head one song and a few samples but all of them are really psyched for the album. We are of course really happy about that.

Does the band have any upcoming shows or tours in support of 4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers? If yes where are some places you all will be playing?

Right now we only have a few swedish gigs planned in May, one of them as support for the mighty Overkill, but we're trying to find a booking agency that can take us on a european and US tour in support of the album.

Where are some countries the band has played before? Who are some bands F.K.U has shared the stage with? If you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands{past or present} you would love to tour/play with?

We've played Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, USA and England. We still have many more countries to visit, like Canada for instance. We've played a lot of festivals so we've basically shared the stage with some of metals biggest names, but in Sweden we have also done club shows with Meshuggah, Entombed and The Haunted. Here's a bill I'd love to tour with:





That would be the most awesome tour ever! 

F.K.U is horror metal when you started the band did you have the idea to combine horror movies and metal together?

Yes, from the get-go it was all about horror and metal and we've stuck to our guns ever since. Thrash metal and horror movies go hand in hand and it's our true passion.

What are some of your all-time favorite horror movies? In your opinion what makes a horror/slasher/suspense movie great?

My personal favourites are Omen, Rosemary's Baby and older more suspense-type movies, but I also love the 80's slasher movies. A good slasher film needs to have a lot of creative death scenes of stupid teenagers, a female lead with a great scream and preferably a good dose of bad acting. 

What is your opinion of all the horror re-makes over the ten or so years? Do you watch them or prefer the original movie? What are some of your favorite remakes {if any}

I always watch them, but never enjoy them as much as the originals of course. I think the re-make of Wes Cravens The Last House on the Left was pretty good. My general stance is "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" but I also understand re-makes. It's necessary to re-vamp the classics to make them interesting for a younger crowd and in that way keep the legacy alive.

Besides horror movies do you read many horror novels or comics? What are some of your favorite comics and books? Who are some of your favorite authors?

I love zombie books and have read a lot of them. I like Z.A. Rechts Morningstar Saga and J.L. Bournes Day by Day Armageddon. Love those books. I'm always looking for great zombie novels to sink my teeth into.

Coming back to the band you handle the vocals for the band,when did you first  start  singing?

I've sang since I was in kindergarden and I was never shy of performing in front of people. I joined my first band when I was 12 and I have been singing in bands ever since.

who are some of your favorite vocalists? Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy?

The list of my vocal inspiration is long… John Cyriis, Russ Anderson, Steve Souza, Bobby Blitz, Dio, Dickinson, John Connelly, Sean Killian, David Wayne, Chuck Billy. The list goes on and on. I have a 10-minute warm up routine I do before shows. It prepares my chords for the shock of yelling for an hour.

Are you or any of the members of F.K.U currently working/playing with any other bands? If yes please tell us about them.

Ted's in a band called Loch Vostok and I sing in a band called Darkane. Darkane is more technical thrash/death and I sing quite differently than with F.K.Ü. Darkane also has a new album out this year, before the summer I think. It's fun to have 2 bands because they are so different from one another. I get to fulfill all my vocal desires.

When not working on band business or working on new music, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

To be honest, just have a quiet sit down in front of the TV and watch an awesome movie is the thing I love the most when I'm not in the studio or on stage. I enjoy driving a lot as well and in the summers I like to go to England, my country of birth, and rent a car and drive around and visit small pubs in the countryside.

Well Larry we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks for the interview, Patrick! And to all the moshoholics... be prepared for the Rise of the Mosh Mongers! If you ever see me on tour, come up and talk some horror and metal.



The F.K.U. Discography 

Beware Of The Evil Underwear Demo, 1998

Moshing Metal Mad Full-length, 1999

Maniac Cop Single, 2003

Sometimes They Come Back... To Mosh Full-length, 2005

Horror Metal Moshing Machine 7" EP, 2008

Split 7" EP with Hirax, 2008

Where Moshers Dwell Full-length, 2009

4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers Full-length, 2013




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