It is good to finally feature Blaash in these pages. I have known of this sick motherfucker for over a decade and have been in touch with him for a long time. He is a unique man, a disturbed and tortured fellow but above all very dedicated to metal and black metal. He also produces possibly one of the longest running fanzines in North America. This blood spattered, fire arm covered piece of UG music related porn entitled Where's My Skin? I have an issue that dates back to '95 or '96 and he already had released a few issues at that point. Much later he started the mighty black metal horde Bahimiron and I found I liked it as much or more than Blaash's great fanzine. He has teamed up with Grimlord who is infamous from the early/mid-90s himself for fronting the mighty Satanic death metal band Imprecation and his wife known JenOside. They have proliferated a string of pungent dark releases upon the scene during the last half decade or so. Without further blather I present to you Blaash.

Interview conducted by Dale Roy with Blaash sometime recently...   




Blaash, greetings comrade. I want to go back to the beginning, at what age did you discover metal and the underground scene? How long before you then graduated to trading and do you remember the first fanzine you got your bloody stumps on? What inspired you to start a fanzine and what year was Where’s My Skin? born (it has to be the early 90s sometime, you old bastard)?!

++ It was around 90 or 91 I discovered the “underground” as we now call it, basically by listening to SWEET NIGHTMARES radio show hosted by Wes Weaver and Bill “The Master” Bates in Houston, that came on once a week around midnight to 5 am… I would stay up all night, writing down titles, rating the songs I heard myself, and keeping a listing of what I found killer and what I did not.  This was at a time when I knew about CARCASS, BOLT THROWER, NAPALM DEATH, MORBID ANGEL etc, as the first pioneers of death metal (for me, after POSSESSED) and I wanted to delve further deeper into the cleavage of the underground.. I came across Billy Nocera’s (Razorback Records) COVEN zine in the early 90s, and it came with a comp D90 tape I believe, that had a fuck load of bands that I did not know of like the DISSECTION (demo song), IMPALED NAZARENE (demo song), and DEMIGOD just to give a wide variety of what was on the tape. Immediately the hellish assault of IMPALED NAZARENE betook me, and I fuggin’ had to get hold of Mika.. at the same time I also started seeing some really, really rank shiate zines, full of the same questions like “so how many records do you own”, “who is your favourite band”, “what is your favourite colour” etc – I also noted that there was not a real razor sense of originality in a lot of zines, and I fuggin’ wanted to see personality goddamnit.. so.. I said fuggit, and around early 92 or so I started Wheresmyskin zine… At that time I started doing a lot more tape trading, and I was spawned to many an underground assault…  

How did your first issue turn out and how many were printed? What bands were in that issue? Are you glad it is no longer for sale? Did you get much label or band support in the early years?

++ My first issue was pretty goddamn rank full of bad, offensive humour, and fuggin’ snipes at the goddamn life loving liberal fuggin’ motherfuckers who were infecting the scene in the early 90s – little did I know that you could play death metal, but not believe in Death, nihilism, etc – that you only wanted to play heavy music – as I heard more of this, I tried to move away from these bands.. but anyway, issue 1 had a couple bands, of which I can only remember IMPALED NAZARENE off the top of my head – the rest of that historical shiate can be found on my shiate website.. I didn’t actually sell the issue – I only asked for postage in return – and it cost a fuckload back then to try to copy shit at the local kinkos.. still does now.. Got a little support here and there, but mainly I didn’t (and don’t) cater to the “masses” of the underground – I tried to stray towards those who originally and severely mentally disturbed, as they made the most interesting interviews in my opinion..  

When did you pick up your first instrument? Did it take longer than you thought to become semi-competent with it? What were some musicians that influenced you at the time? Was Bahimiron your first band and how did that come about? Is it true that Grimlord was formerly a member of the mighty Imprecation?! The band was started and then stopped during the 90s, only to pick it up again and go full steam – correct & why?

++ I first picked up drums around 95 or so.. I never, ever got competent with it, due to an inability to stay sober, and that I would play for a year, and then stop for two, and so on and so forth… I’ve been helped greatly by the KATHONIK (old and new drummers) and IMPRECATION/ADUMUS drummers when it came to style/etc…   Musicians that influenced me at the time were of course all the early Nordic drummers – I fuggin’ loved the simplistic yet droning ensnarement of the single bass blast beat with accents off of the bell or hi hat – the master of this at the time, and I believe still to this day, is Mr. Frost.  I remember meeting  GRIMLORD after an IMPRECATION show around 92 or 93.. – I was trying to find out why he had “Ceremony of the Nine Angles” instead of the “Nine Angels”  on their first demo…– shows how ignorant I was – after that, the SATANIC DEATH METAL assault with vomits like “Shrouded in Gore” or “Vomit forth floods of christian remains” (or something along that title) would always incite a wrathful hatred in me that to this day is still evoked by his vokills.. We lost touch for a while, as the devil took him down a different path, and took me to Norge, France, etc. He tried, with a bloke named BRIAN FERNANDEZ, to start BAHIMIRON in the mid 90s (see WMS backcover issue 3 for the original art)  as it was made clear that IMPRECATION was not going to go black.. but drugs and unserious personnel plagued the early formation, and Grim just dropped it.. until we re-met in the late 90s.. it was at this time, that he decided he wanted a coven of like minded nihilistic horde – not musicians first, but allies bound deeper then that.. so he chose JenOside, fresh off the boat from the Parisian black metal scene, and myself,.. Bahimiron was vomited Oct. 31, 2002, and we later added one Mr. Krag Dagon – one fucking diepressing, hard motherfucker. .. we all fit first as allies, and the music comes after that…  

Since we are talking about firsts here, at what age did you first masturbate and what did you pound it to? Did your mom ever catch you? Tell us about the first time you had sex with something other than the family pet? Did you last long and was it as good as you imagined it would be?

++ HA!!! That is by far one of the goddamn best goddamn questions I have ever read, or even laughed through the goddamn beer and vodka I am drinking now – xrist on a popsicle stick, I didn’t know you and I were best hand holdin’ circle jerkin’ booofoo lovin’ bi fag boys hehehe.. ANYWAY.. No mother of mine ever caught me! And the family pet (doggies) are more sacred then humans, so none of that dog embuggery for the devil. .. I did not get along very well with females when I was younger, I really only would go to shows to entrance myself in the musical hatred that spewed and then go home and fuggin’ play with sharp things while loading guns.. I figured I had porn, so who the fuck needed women right? They bitch, whine, and certainly did not know shit about metal.. BUT, as I grew older, things changed a bit.. and I started trying to find women who could relate to metal, especially what I saw as the rising shotgun to the nuts of xtianity, black metal – so I left the U.S… but as for firsts, shit, son, you gotta remember I’m old, and this ole Johnson don’t have a memory like you canucks do hehe. 

Let’s move on to the first recordings of Bahimiron. You quickly started out of the gate with a studio demo in 2002, followed up with a rehearsal demo in 2003. Tell us about your 02 demo “Funeral Black”, what are your thoughts looking upon it, the recording process and the general atmosphere within the band?

++ We recorded FUNERAL BLACK driven only by the venom in our blood – the music was simple, and not supposed to reinvent the goddamn wheel – I am still proud of the droning hate it spews – we released that rehearsal to show the “improvement” if you will in musicianship of all in the band.. we had become a little more competent, and we were looking forward to our first EP release on BLOODFIRE DEATH… The recording process was not overtly evil, in the dark evil dank basement surrounded by hellfire sent daemons – it was at some guys house, in the middle of nowhere, where we recorded and mixed our shit in Houston… though Grimlord’s vocals scared the living shit out of the guy recording us at the time… 

The ’03 reh. demo “Terror Division Bloodstrike”, was there much planning involved or did you record it for band member purposes and decided to release the plague to the scene? How come only 50 copies and will this recording ever, be available again in the future? All tracks from this session have been released now I believe?

++ There was  little planning involved for the “Terror Division Bloodstrike” reh demo – but it was really meant as a promo of sorts, just to show that we were still amassing the blood ready to spew. Its really only for die hard fans, and I don’t think it will ever be available again.. It had the two forth coming EP tracks and the demo tracks, all recorded at The Maggot Colony in Houston fuggin’ texas.. All tracks have been released, but only the song “Funeral Black” has not been re-released or rerecorded (how many goddamn re’s is that..) 

I seem to recall a story in an issue of Where’s My Skin? back around 94/95 I think (?) where you made a trip to Norway to be around the black metal scene there I assume. Anyway, if memory serves (I just moved and had trouble locating the issue in question) you were supposed to stay at one of the guys from Dimmu Borgir’s house and as it turned out his Daddy would not let you guys stay, correct? Tell us about this trip and where did you end up finding lodging? Is it true a Norwegian man was forced to use his own warm body fluids to rescue you from a locked rehearsal room – do tell?

++ HEHEHE.. yeah.. I was in contact with Brynjard Tristan, bass player for DIMMU at the time, back around 93 or 94 or something around that time, and I said, hey fucker, I’m coming to Norway with my friend Thrugg – a fellow a bit larger then me, that would come in handy if I had any problems with the locals – I mean when I was there, there were guys wearin’ spikes AND black nail polish – I mean I understand the spikes, but in texas, you’re askin’ for a beatin’ if you’re wearin’ nail polish and you’re a guy.... xrist, I don’t care what colour it is.. 

Anywho, it seems Brynjard either a) didn’t think we’d show up b) planned very badly once we did heh – we were met by Aldrahn and Tristan in  95 (or 96.. I’m old, and fuggin have a bad memory) at Gardemon or something airport in Norway – and we were told we did not know where we were stayin – oh well. We both had sleeping bags, and December in Norway wasn’t that cold, was it?...  Uh, December in Jessheim, was Fucking COLD.. .. 

A short story – yes, we were at the DIMMU and OLD MANS CHILD rehearsal room that year (about 10 years ago I guess), and it turned out that’s the only place we could stay, so, Thrugg and I stayed there, whilst the nords left to collapse at their respective homes.. It was.. A bit chilly in there, but oh the fuck well.  I believe the toilet was not working, so bottles made good filling devices for Ringnes processed piss – eventually a knockin’ comes to the door – and finally they arrived to come fetch us – BUT… The door’s lock was goddamn frozen or some such thing – so we started battering that door, until it was finally flung open – we were told that Mr. Aldrahn had to exorcise some urine himself to convince the obviously xtian lock to let us out of our prison… 

It was amusing at the time…  

Now I read recently you not only made a second trip back to Norway but actually moved there and briefly married a Norwegian woman – truth? Was this woman connected with the black metal scene, how was the transition moving to Norway and why did the whole thing not work out in the long run?

++ I wanted to get as close as I could to the Norwegian black metal scene, to see what the fuck was it about – were they maniacal heavily armed axe wieldin’ terrorists, or random murders over various subjects littered however with dedicated individuals.. so .. I made contact with a young lady there, we eventually became involved, and I decided to move there in 98 after a couple years of dating (i.e. flying back and forth overseas)…. 

It did not work out, and I will not go into it… 

Did you hang out with any known bands, people from the Norwegian scene and did you have the chance to play with any musicians or thoughts of forming a band while there? Do you think the music of Bahimiron is very loyal to the sound of the early Norwegian scene or at least what used to be a great Norwegian scene?

++ I had some of the best times (besides the last four years with my Bahimiron horde) of my metal existence at Elm Street in Oslo from 95 or 96 to 98 (not straight either, I was still traveling back and forth)…, as I spent night and day, drunk as fuck, watching fans show up every day to meet people and then go home, knowing that heh, fuck that, I lived there, and it never crossed my mind to create any kind of music – I mean I saw a couple shows, I went to a couple practices – but mostly I really just liked talking metal to all the bands that I had so admired in the early 90s.. all the known bands of the early 90s from Mayhem to Mysticum, Garm and Ulver to me getting to see the first time every Gaahl would sing with Gorgoroth at Rockafellers in Oslo.. best was always just talkin’ to Fenriz coz he had a really cool sense of dark humour..  

To me BAHIMIRON is a GUN platform for Grimlord’s vocals – plain and simple – we all hail the early Nordic scene, especially GORGOROTH, but the music we do is nothing new – the ferocity with which the vocals spew, however, are to me, renewing, though not new themselves.. For me the VOCALS always meant the most – it was the mouthpiece of the devil – that which must entrance, that which would move one to violence.  

There seems to be this running theme with both Bahimiron and Where’s My Skin? revolving around guns and ammo. Is this something you enjoy visually or is this something you indulge in a lot in your personal live and does being from Texas have anything to do with it? What brand of firearms do you own?

++ Hehe. What, never heard of the magazine called GUNS AND AMMO?? I don’t walk the walk, unless I talk the shit associated with it. Yeah, I own guns, and persons in Bahimiron have killed with them and spent quality time at the local penitentiary – I feel that guns work much more efficiently then axes or little pitchforks or shanks and such – I guess you could say I am rather soulless for the most part, I don’t feel like taking the time to remove the skin off of humans very carefully with a sharp knife – I believe the Waffen SS who simply wanted to be “efficient” were what I would admire the most – the business of death that is.  Brands of firearms? You mean like Levi’s Jeans or Izod shirts? Shit man, I own 9mms and assault rifles – look at the pix I have for a better look I guess. I don’t have the money to get the guns and ammo + body armour I’d really like, and besides that, then I’d go and use’em when I was drunk and get taken down by a police sniper before I got even one kill..  

Are you ever curious to feel what it would be like to use a knife or gun on a person? Or do you already know? Are you a war buff like myself? Are you into self-mutilation or any other like perversions?

++ Hm.. am I into self mutilation? Well. Depends. What kind? Chopping my arm off with a chainsaw.. No.. sticking my dick in the oven .. NO… playing with razors. Yep. Who hasn’t been curious to want to shoot or stab somebody? War buff? Well, I watch the military channel, CNN, and the history channel, but I don’t own any regalia…   

The razor has been calling to me since 91 or 92. And it has not stopped. The ole pistol in mouth has had a cup of coffee with me once or twice to discuss viability, but to date, I haven’t taken that rendezvous. 

I believe your band mate, JenOside is actually your wife and cums from France. How did you meet her and entice her to come to the States? Did she play bass previous to joining Bahimiron and if not did she pick it up quickly? Does she share the same sort of philosophies as you and the band? Does she share your affection for porn? Most importantly, does she swallow?

++ Jen is one fuggin’ hardcore (and I mean XXX) metalhead who knows her shit and indeed comes from France.. I’m not sure how I got her to come to the states.. I found out the hard way that Jen was actually a proficient bass and guitar player BEFORE she came to the US – she writes her own parts for all conjurations..  She shares all the philosophies of the band, and fulfills my every perversion – if you have any of the pics in my  zines, then you know what those are. .. 

Swallow? Hell that aint any fun – Facial Humiliation here I cum! 

Will Bahimiron ever incorporate keyboreds or goth?

++Don’t know, do you take it up the arse? Heh. Of course NOT. Man. C’mon for fux sake. Heh. 

How do you go about putting together Where’s My Skin? ? Are you a fan of cut n paste, do you get much into the computer with layouts and photoshop etc…? Is there anything content wise or genre review wise that you refuse to print in your zine? How many copies do you usually press and where do you get it done? How much longer do you think you will continue to do it, it has been well over a decade now – no?

++Cut n paste + some photoshop/ macromedia firefox/ pagemaker/ good ole fashion blaash sperm and blood is how things get stuck together in WMS… Stuff I will not print = xtian bullshit, unless I can use it to my advantage. I do not charge for ads, but will not cater to them either. Never have. Never will. Master Othsan – an ally for 15 years has assisted me since issue 5 in compiling the technical detail needed to reproduce this in more then 5 or 10 copies. I’ve spent bloodshed and learned the way of whiskey from him, and to this day consider him one of the closest allies I could ever wish for in a gunfight at the locale police station. I normally press very few copies.. maybe a hundred.. Most was I think 300 or so for issue 4… I will cease to do WMS zine when I sincerely lose an opinion on what I hear and/or see in what I consider the scene that I was razed in….  

Do you ever think about just turning Where’s My Skin? into a webzine? Do you find doing a print zine gets kind of cost prohibitive? I think your wife does or did a zine, tell us about it, is she still doing it and will you the two of you work on Where’s… together?

++Webzine would not work for me.. I just don’t get around to doing that much that soon. I do have a WMS site, but its more for information then actual updates.. Jen did JenOside33 zine herself, with a small amount of guidance on where to get it printed. She and I, though we hold the same ideals, do have different identities – shit I didn’t want a clone – bein’ gay aint fun.  

Do you think you have to be Satanic and vehemently anti-christian to play black metal and have the lyrics etc… deal in this area? Or is the scope so much larger than that but how large, when do you feel things are out of the realms of what should be considered black metal?

++BLACK metal should be violent and suicidal, at one with the affirmation of the end to come.. BUT, that’s just my ideal – I always thought it was supposed to be the most extreme, but that is not the case it seems – now I can find this ideal in satanic death metal again – the need and perseverance for destruction, the realization that there is no ‘happy satanic victory’ – that all is covered in Loss, Despair, and did I mention Loss.. .. music is propaganda. Black metal has gotten to easy to exploit it seems.. hell I give more credit to every fucker that straps explosives to his body – at least they follow through..  

Bahimiron’s music for me creates a very cruel, cold & sinister atmosphere, how do you achieve this or does it come out of you naturally? Ever compose a song and decide it does not sound harsh enough? Do you have to be in a certain mood (i.e.- depressed, angry ect..) or place (day/night/dimly lit surroundings/storms outside ect..) to write your material? Did you find it hard to keep the cryptic atmospheres in your music during the recording sessions in the studio or live?

“Bahimiron’s music for me creates a very cruel, cold & sinister atmosphere, how do you achieve this or does it come out of you naturally?” – man that’s just silly – you’re just one sick fucker like we are and connect with the shit we do– for most people this only bores them – if it affected you this way, increase medication intake – heh, because we really only do this for ourselves – yes, it is nice to affirmation from those we consider allies, and/or other whiskey hell death murderers – BUT IT IS NOT necessary, at least not to me – I stop doing BAHIMIRON, when Grimlord stops – as long as he continues to conjure vocals, I’ll assist and put down a platform.. 

Cryptic atmospheres? What the hell does that mean? (I call them like I hear them, it is useless to attempt to make rhyme or reason out of me and my warped thoughts. Do you know how hard it is to try to describe the emotion and feelings great music brings out of you? Try to do a fucking fanzine sometime you asshole and see if you can ...oh wait...hehe  :)  ~ Dale)  We don’t record in caves or in basements.. Its just at studio, like everybody else.. How the music is first conjured, is very personal to our guitarists (and may be during more morbid or darker periods), and then it goes through a revalidation with Jen and myself when we all get together in one city…  

Describe a Bahimiron live show does it include smoke, spikes, props, corpse paint ect…? Do you like playing live? What has been your best and worst live show thus far? Do you prefer a more focused crowd, at say something like the …Nazarene Child fest in Texas or just a local show with a death metal band, for instance? Any plans for Bahimiron to tour and do your jobs and life situations allow for touring? 

++ Well. .. our shows are very simple, and not very complicated – there is the standard use of paint, to a degree, and then just pour the goddamn whiskey over us as we vomit our set.. which I guarantee is a wall of noise – Best show? Hell, we aint got a best show – something always goes wrong, but we don’t care , and will plow through the problems regardless… What crowd do I prefer? Well.. there have been very few that actually pay attention to us playing live, but we seem to have affected the sicker persons out there, and that is all I can appreciate.  Bahimiron touring? Very unlikely – we’re not in our teens supported by our parents – its hard just to get together as a full band to practice thoroughly.. but who knows… perhaps.  

Analog versus Digital, which do you prefer? Do you like Pro Tools and looping etc…? If you ever ended up with a recording that was too good and too clean, would you scrap it? What do you see as many black metal bands mistake when recording? Do you think studios like Abyss become cookie cutter fluff or are you a fan of such recordings?

++ Uhm, I hate to sound uniformed but I really don’t have too much knowledge on recording or studios – I do know that Mike BBQ from Big Door Studios in Texas, who handles our recordings has almost 20 years of metal knowledge, is a strong ally of our singer, Grimlord, and is fucking cool to boot, and could prolly answer that.. other then that, I cannot comment on what he uses, how he uses, or how he comes up with our material – but hes got some fancy lookin’ stuff at his place, and I expect it to be fairly multi syllabic of nature… (i.e. maybe pro tools and such)…  

Mistake for black metal bands – using a drum machine, unless you do it well. Like Mysticum, or Unchrist. I really, really don’t like drum machines.. 

Abyss studios? Aint got nothin’ against them – it’s a certain sound some folks want. If I don’t want to hear it, I wont put it in the cd player. 

Too clean? Well, we all have a good ear, so its by the entire band’s agreement whether we scrap or keep something…  

I think on your album you have made the instruments a touch more clear and loud, still very grim but it really suits your sound, did you spend longer than in the past in the studio and are you pleased with the result? Is it true your label did the mixing of the album? Do you find this as a risky situation giving up this control (there have been some horror stories in the past) and how did they do in your opinion?

++ Okay, I guess I need to clarify.. our demo and EP were done at Shannon Taylor studios – we were going for bare minimal sound assault there, and that’s what I believe we accomplished.. With our full length, we actually spent more time with each instrument, to make sure it sounded just horrid enough, and then sent it unmastered to France (our full length) to have Aura Mystique master it.. Risky? Well.. I dunno, I heard it, and it sounds good to me. .. we’re not a “clean” band by nature, so the more vomit and misdirection (as long as its not super blatant).. the better…  

Tell us anything and everything you can think of about the your new album “Pure Negativism” and also the two splits you have released this year? I think I read in a recent interview, that your album “is made in 1,000 copies”, is that a limited number or that is just the first run? If a label says hey I want to release a split Bahimiron 7 inch, does it matter to you what kind of label it is on and do you care who the label chooses for the other side of the wax?

++Gonna be short I guess.. I like all our releases – and our shit is not for every one – fuck, I mean we do this for ourselves, there is nothing else we need to worry about – the full length is a landmark in the sense that we collated our material into one .50 cal shot to the head.. .. Limited number of Bahimiron releases? Uh, well, I don’t see them runnin’ out any time soon.. Labels…. Well. We make a band decision on that .. I’ve known tons of labels through my zine, but its different when you have a band I guess..  

Explain how you feel about the way the scene goes these days, keeping in mind things like snail mail letter writing, photo-copied fanzines, IRC’s, tape trading, flyers, the importance of fanzines, demos VERSUS short impersonal Email, webzines, mp3s, demos on CDs (recorded on home computers) that do not sound like demos, no snail mail contacts etc… Apparently it is also no cool anymore to lose money releasing a fanzine – what the fuck is up with that?!

++ I sincerely think the internet has made it way too easy for fuggin’ faggots, and scenesters to infect, and become part of something that they should not be – but, on the other hand, I like technology – the infinite amount of porn, and porn, and bloodshed – there are redeeming factors.. I don’t trade, or use IRCs, or do much of that now, because it’s a dead cause.. emails.. are handy. .. but the way I used to conduct correspondence is forever changed – you know this as well as I do.. so either you adapt or leave.. and some did leave.. I can understand that.. I choose to use technology for my gain – though.. I do not like the way extreme metal is so accessible to the masses…. In 14 years I have never, ever regained any money I put into either my zine or the band – I expect not to – simple as that. This is not a money affair, and though I am not a martyr – I do not mind paying for some bloodshed once and a while…  

What do you think of Venom’s “Black Metal” album?

++ Dunno.. I wasn’t an early VENOM fan – for me it was Metalicker, Exodus, Anthrax, Possessed, Slayer and so on.. Somehow I dodged Wenom (nord spelling) and Bathory…  

Well I think I may have pestered you long enough. Hails to you for doing this interview! It is about time you were in the pages of Canadian Assault! Please fill us in on the upcoming issue of WMS? and of course near future plans Bahimiron. Finally send out hails to anyone you would like…

++ Dale Roy, it is an honour for myself to grace the unholy pages that worship a furry bush and large bosom- I have known and appreciated CANADIAN ASSAULT for a long period of time, and wish to continue your long standing tradition of interviewing arseholes and drunkards, of which I qualify as both. WHERSMYSKIN ISSUE 10 is out, by the time you have this… BAHIMIRON rolls forward.. drunken and violently as ever… 

Any contact can be made die-rectly to me –




The Bahimiron Discography

Funeral Black Demo, 2002

Terror Division Bloodstrike Demo, 2003

Hunting Down the Weak EP, 2004

Xrist Gutzlice Demo, 2004

As the Sun Burns Split, 2004

Pact In Dizease & Profanation Split, 2006

Sargeist / Bahimiron Split, 2006

Pure Negativism: In Allegiance With Self Wreckage Full-length, 2006


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