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DöG - Ancient Crypt Metal 3" CD

AKR029 CD Release Date: - JANUARY 2009

DOG is a relatively new project started by Blizzard of Vorkuta and Gabor of Marblebog over the last year and together they have created maniacal hymns of pure evil genius black thrash! No need to cite influences, if you like metal in it's purest form you can't possibly dislike DöG. "Ancient Crypt Metal" is the first pro release and hopefully the 1st release in a long line of corrupt blackened thrash attacks from DöG. This is an entirely pro release complete with a 4 page booklet and marks the first release in a series of 3" CDs from Autopsy Kitchen. Out now!


Marblebog / Vorkuta

AKR027 "Wanderings" split 7" EP

Anyone with an ear to the underground or just good taste in what it has to offer are surely familiar with Hungary's Marblebog, and recently riding that same cold, deep and despairingly black wave are countrymen Vorkuta. Paragon Records (US) just gave them props with a full length in 07 and Vorkuta are certainly not taking a break anytime soon. Members of both Marblebog and Vorkuta have long ties with eachother and THAT makes this split a bit more relevant than most. Marblebog contribute "Uttalan Utakon", a ferocious 7 minute bass driven beast of a track that begins with a fire that only years of black metal tradition can ignite and then segues into a deep deep canyon of despair as only Marblebog know how. Most have never heard Marblebog sound like this as it is their most mature material to date and despite activity on numerous splits recently, Marblebog hasn't had a full length in quite some time. This split will leave you begging for it... Fellow countrymen Vorkuta attack this split with a brand new track "Prophecies" which certainly isn't the lighter side of this release. Written in 3 parts (War/Cleansing/Triumph) the track is a blazing assault in tribute to man's oldest pastime. Those already familiar with Vorkuta absolutely need this in their collection as (like the Marblebog track) it is some of their most mature work to date. 2 stunning tracks make this split an absolute must have release. Another vinyl in our series of joint split 7" releases but this time the co-release duties are shared by our good friends at Ars Magna Recordings. Limited to 500 copies only - 250 on GOLD vinyl (available through Ars Magna mailorder only ) and 250 on PINK Marbled vinyl OR RED Marbled vinyl (Color is chosen at our discretion so please don't ask)available through Autopsy Kitchen mailorder only. Full color sleeves with 2 sided inserts. Available now!


Funereal Moon shirt

Funeral Satanik Musick design

If you can believe it, the FIRST ever Funereal Moon T-shirt! That's over 15 years in service and not one single t-shirt ever printed. We wanted to do this one right so we're starting with this design (white ink, black shirts) in a limited run of 50 and we may print a 2nd run in the future with black ink on white shirts as well. This design was created by Impure Ehiyeh and is printed on the highest quality soft vintage style american apparel shirts. Available now!


Autopsy Kitchen Logo Shirt - ATHEIST PYRAMID Design


Brand new design just in time for the holidays! The first in a series of AKR anti-faith designs with black ink on white shirts, each limited to an initial pressing of 50 shirts total. This shirt displays a pyramid design splitting belief systems into tiers ranging from fact = SCIENCE on the top to the absurd = ORGANIZED RELIGION on the bottom. The pyramid is accompanied by some famous atheistic quotes from Nietzsche, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon. Tired of being a billboard for immature bands who use satanic imagery for shock value? Disgusted with the rest of the world's ability to sacrifice reason (and so much more) in the name of their religion? Here's a shirt that says exactly what it means. No skirting the issue with this one. Click on the images for full size pics.


Autopsy Kitchen Logo Shirt - ANTI FAITH Design


Brand new design just in time for the holidays! The first in a series of AKR anti-faith designs with black ink on white shirts, each limited to an initial pressing of 50 shirts total. This shirt displays the classic image of jesus ascending into heaven but this time his ascension doesn't seem to be going so well. Tired of being a billboard for immature bands who use satanic imagery for shock value? Disgusted with the rest of the world's ability to sacrifice reason (and so much more) in the name of their religion? Here's a shirt that says exactly what it means. No skirting the issue with this one. Click on the images for full size pics.


FUNEREAL MOON - Satan's Beauty Obscenity

AKR021 CD Release Date: - SEPTEMBER 2008

Autopsy Kitchen Records proudly announces our new signing/collaboration with Mexico's ambient/occult/black metal project Funereal Moon! Funereal Moon have been creating Satanic audio blasphemies in this world since 1993 with the debut release of their "Prayers Of The Crystal Tablet Of Beli" demo cassette. They have had a unique approach to the dark arts from their very inception and it has only grown phenomenally over the decade since. We first became familiar with Funereal Moon's mysterious presence with their 1997 vinyl only release "Grim...Evil...". Soon after that release the band all but disappeared from this planet with only 2 very limited "commemorative/best of" CDs containing a scattering of new tracks being released in a span of almost a decade! Funereal Moon eventually returned from absolute obscurity however and began recording full time once again much to our own pleasure. We decided to approach the band about doing a re-release of "Grim...Evil" on CD format and in the end we got much more than we bargained for...Funereal Moon have made Autopsy Kitchen their new home for all obsessive intents and Satanic purpose in life...The first collaboration is fully recorded and consists of a re-release of the tracks from the previously mentioned "Grim...Evil..." LP as well as the first new Funereal Moon recordings in years: "Satan's Beauty Obscenity". Following this release, the aptly titled brand new full length recording "Bringer Of Evil" will also materialize to assist in your pain and pleasure as Funereal Moon have done for us all these years. Out now!


THOU - Peasant

AKR025 CD - JUNE 2008

Every now and again the rare occasion arises that you come across a record clearly created by fanatics that simply can't help but stand apart from the crowd. Fanatics that have deep roots in nothing else but bashing out the most grim yet beautiful sounding doom.. doom isn't the genre here, doom is the atmosphere.
Eyes peer beyond shadows and blood flows beneath footprints. The world is not as vast as the mind. Reality suffers the consequence and we are it's slaves.
"Peasant" is Thou's 2nd full length after their debut LP "Tyrant" and both LPs were summoned in their hometown of Baton Rouge, LA which many here in the states consider the home state of that true soulful doom vibe somewhat akin to Motown via Detroit. Unlike many bands of the ilk, Thou doesn't just simply plow over you with riff after unbearably crushing riff over the duration of the album but choose to riff over your soul track by track with more venom per ounce than is likely healthy by any standard. Needless pain and suffering are all around you, Thou are not the answer... they are the alternative. No true pleasure can ever be experienced without a healthy dose of pain. Look no further. Presented in a deluxe 16 page booklet.
Available now!


MARBLEBOG - Forestheart CD

AKR017 CD - Release Date: October 19th 2007

Originally released in 2005 on simple tape only format (later to be re-released on tape again!), Marblebog's conceptual blend of anything but jovial ambient passages and deeply personal as well as mature, nature and global depopulation inspired black metal eventually bled it's way onto a super limited CD pressing. All of which made their rounds across the world to end up in the collections of the most die hard and adventurous music lovers and underground black metal fanatics. When we first heard "Forestheart" here at AKR our first thought was to immediately get this album on vinyl...and we wanted to be the one's to do it! Taking it a step further, we contacted Marblebog's sole creator and musician: Vorgrov, and set up a deal to finally make this album available on not just vinyl but a CD format that will be available to a much wider audience for the first time. We re-worked the entire layout so that the only thing that resembles the original pressing is the cover art which is as it should be in our opinion. The long awaited (by us mostly) vinyl LP version is limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl, containing a full color 2 sided insert and this vinyl will never be re-pressed as with all AKR vinyl releases. Out now!


Torch Of War - The Principle Of Cosmic Instability

AKR019 CD - Release Date: October 17th 2007

Furious German black metal sitting atop the throne of scathing, uncaring & unabashedly cold records of this genre. Every single track a gem on it's own and every riff completing the circle started by Darkthrone with Transilvanian Hunger. A record made by Torch Of War for Torch Of War...this beast left in tow for your ritual worship. Out now!


ENSEPULCHRED - Suicide In Winter's Moonlight

AKR020 CD - Release Date: Halloween 2007

USA's best kept secret in the torrid underbelly of the black metal world rapidly return with a new release! Originally released in an extremely limited run of hand numbered cd-rs in slimline dvd cases in 2006, we here at Autopsy Kitchen are so into this album that we couldn't let it go unnoticed. This final and definitive version also includes a completely re-designed layout with a few newly recorded tracks not on the original version. "Suicide In Winter's Moonlight" is 16 miserable tracks of lugubrious, woebegone black fire. Out now!


STALAGGH - :Nihilistik Terrror:

AKR009 CD - Release date: March 2006

Autopsy Kitchen Records are proud to unleash the first domestic pressing from terrror kult :Stalaggh: This release combines both of their previous efforts of audio chicanery :Projekt Terrror: and :Projekt Nihil: together on one CD with an entirely new sound. The band updated and re-mastered the sound (done by Xardas of 20.SV) as well as recorded a brand new track available here only! Sickening sounds from the audio abyss...

Stalaggh Interview


Autopsy Kitchen Logo Shirt


Finally, after the popularity of the last AKR shirt design we've gone ahead and printed another new Autopsy Kitchen shirt design. This time, black "vintage" style soft cotton shirts with the AKR stove logo in full color for once!


Ensepulchred Shirt

Available in Small, Med, Large and XLarge

Grey T-shirts with black print available in Small, Med, Large and XLarge


Marblebog "Fullmoon Over The Mountains Of Bukk" Shirt

Available in Small, Med, Large and XLarge

Dark grey shirts with black ink available in Small, Med, Large and XLarge



Ensepulchred - The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars PICTURE LP



Stalaggh :Projekt Misanthropia: LP

AKR016- LP

:Projekt Misanthropia: has been the only Stalaggh release in the discography not to see a vinyl release and in order to push the final nail in the coffin of Stalaggh and properly begin Gulaggh we have decided to once and for all complete the Stalaggh legacy with a vinyl pressing of :Projekt Misanthropia: limited to 100 copies only. These will be sold via mailorder only. Check back often or join the mailing list.


MARBLEBOG - Csendhajnal


If Marblebog's sophomore effort "Forestheart" was an engaging and morose disposition on the essence of earth and what still binds it (not us) then certainly Marblebog's debut album from one year previous: "Csendhajnal" (translated: Silencedawn) is every bit as much and even much more the defining statement of this amazing Hungarian band. Hands down the best black metal album to ever come from inside this ethnic heartland and probably more genius than so many more. Founding member/sole creator Vorgrov would certainly attest to this as Csendhajnal grimly expresses everything within the realm of black metal he wishes to expose/compose whilst also combining his possibly even more inspired love of ambient music which he solely focused on with the later tape only release "Wind Of Moors".

Csendhajnal comes as close to authentically reproducing the brilliant and almost maddeningly depressing yet proud vibe of Burzum's "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" and "Filosofem" albums as any we have personally ever heard within just the first 3 tracks of this album. really saying something.

Autopsy Kitchen proudly announces the release of this soon to be classic record on re-released CD format with new layout and vinyl LP format. The vinyl being limited to 500 copies on translucent grey vinyl with a full color printed inner sleeve. Coming soon!


MURMUR - Mainlining The Lugubrious


It is perhaps common to wonder under which circumstance a tra·che·ae sufferance or palpitation equaling cessation of heartbeat sometimes described as a murmur would inflict most retentive mental anguish on those around to witness it. To contest one's own murmur is obvious folly yet contest it one always does in the struggle to grasp for whatever diminutive slice of life's essence might still be obtainable to them. That eventual quietus from living and subsequent final murmur providing a basis for concept from USA's Murmur. Odd fascinations and morbid curiosities concerning "depression, nihilism, suicide, ritual and substance abuse" to quote the band are given somewhat wide berth on their debut album Mainlining The Lugubrious. An album that by some cosmic happenstance almost seems to have been made for Autopsy Kitchen Records and just as well now sits perhaps too comfortably among the AKR roster providing yet another example of life gone horribly but not inexplicably wrong.


Gulaggh - Vorkuta


From the ashes of Stalaggh begins the Gulaggh trilogy...


FUNEREAL MOON - Bringer Of Evil


It is unfortunate that only a handful of people here in the USA are familiar with THE absolute most creative and nightmarish ambient/black/noise project to ever make it's home in Mexico and even fewer still know enough to simply nod in reverence when the name Funereal Moon is mentioned. In existence since 1993, Funereal Moon have finally found a proper home here at Autopsy Kitchen where their creations are truly understood. "Bringer Of Evil" marks Funereal Moon's first full length recording since 1996 and only their 2nd recording consisting of new material in over a decade! Not only has the band progressed technically to torment us all with pure audio lacerations track after track but they have seemingly let insanity bleed into each and every recording with little care for reality and what can be conceived as normal by any genre standards. Not only has Funereal Moon found a perfect home here at AKR to finally give them the proper presentation and fanbase they deserve but we have also found the perfect project in Funereal Moon to further unleash only the most experimental, menacing and relevant sounds that a record label can ever hope to unleash upon the world.