“Third Curse” 2001 7” EP

(Dark Horizon)


I have been wanting to hear / experience Flauros for some time now and thanks to a timely order to Dark Horizon Records from me that time is finally here. I think I could call their music a mixing of pure early 90s black metal grimness mixed with more traditional metal guitar playing. They like to go from atmospheric sounds perfect for grave robbing expeditions to lightning raw assaults which viciously cudgel the senses. Excellent cryptic black metal from Finland, now I await their album with anticipation!  - Dale




Split 7" EP

(Christhunt Productions)


The Goatfire track "Scornful Chalice" really surprised me. This band is no ancient cult but perform black metal as if they were it's inventors. A raw piece of true ug black metal that I think none will deny. 2 tracks from the German cult Impending Doom:" Luceferian Curse" and "Headshot Christ". More great sadistic pure and extreme heavy metal as found on their latest LP "Apocalypse 3". Every release this band does is unique and every song memorable. (Too bad Impeding Doom felt Canadian Assault was not important enough to return the interview sent which they promised to fill out... – Dale)  - Jeffrey

c/o Marco Martin - Lagesche Strasse 42 - 33818 Leopoldshohe – GERMANY




“Sperm Of The Antichrist / Satan Is Metal’s Master” Split 7”EP 2001

(Horror Records)


GBK – Rise out of their frozen & arcane undercroft swirled with anger and ablazed with seething darkness – channeled into pure hate for the plagues of this world – such as the subhuman infest they are forced to endure! Grand Belial play harsh genocidal black metal and sound like no one you’ve likely heard. This long unending hymn will violate your ears, stab your heart and leave you cold!

N – Are antichrist veterans of the scene and demonic soldiers of the metal way of life! They have been at it for almost as long as some of you fleshbags reading this have been out of diapers! It perplexes me every time I think this horde can not get any better they seemingly gut check to a whole other level and reach a new plane of musical hell superiority! They beat, batter & bludgeon all who cross their path breaking them into submission with their satanic death metal juggernaut. On top of all of this Nunslaughter honour the masters of might & mayhem with a bone jarring pat on the back from Satan for their cover of “Hellchild”!! Limited 666 copies!  - Dale

Nunslaughter rule!! H. Recs., Joergensgaard 49B, 1.-4, DK-6400 Sonderborg, DENMARK vampyr@get2net.dk




“Incursus” 2006 7” EP

(Forever Plagued Records)


I am always appreciative towards dedicated labels, who will send vinyl for review. An example of the dedication of the man behind Forever Plagued. This is my first time hearing Incursus. The band features VJS (Kult Ov Azazel, Demoncy, Crimson Moon etc...) playing on everything and Horidus (Demoncy, Tenebrous etc...) handling the vocal duties. So as you guess these two abyssic minions know what they are doing and execute their aims with extreme precision. There are two tracks on this short player and they are Daemonkult & Black Burial. The first track starts off immediately with seething chaos and intensity, that reminds me a bit to the early maelstrom conjured by Impaled Nazarene. Maybe the vocals also remind me to something like IP's Goat Perversion seven inch. The second tracks picks right back up with the ferocity and blackened vomit death metal. Despite the raw and raging nature of the music, if you focus beyond it you can pick some nice little guitar intricacies that extra depth to their sound. There is a great addictive and gloomy atmosphere on this record. I can highly recommend this piece of wax.  - Dale





"March of the Apocalypse" 7" EP

(Sombre Records)


A new JI release is always enough to get me feeling again. At least some things are worth living for. 2 tracks recorded in 96 and pressed on side Anti-Last Episode (y'know, the gay record label) and side Anti-egay. haha! That's the way to do it. Fuck not limiting your releases so the trendies can't get rich off of your art (?? – DALE). They give me another reason to react. The track "Extinction" has a notably metal feel to it revealing a Celtic Frost influence not really heard in past JI material. Another fine cult vinyl. - Jeffrey




"To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding" LP

(No Colours)


The first thing I immediately noticed about this LP is that the song titles are great. Few bands put much thought into lyrics and titles these days (or too much thought in some cases). Side A started off very promising but for the first time ever I eventually found myself becoming somewhat disinterested a few songs into a JI record. The style is no longer grim but still hateful and eccentric. Akhenaten swears his devotion to "Heaven In Flames" which is certainly not his best work and this LP follows suit (I just wanted to interject here for those that feel like me that “Heaven In Flames” was indeed a masterpiece and some of JI’s finest work... – Dale). I experience this record as simply a good black metal release but my attention is not fully trained on it and I seek and live for the truest moments of utter darkness and obscurity. The most honest. Side B changes pace and even includes more metallish fare. I appreciate that JI is not "defined" and I will always support it. Very few truly live life and even fewer can understand why. Caring is not a part of it. Live and let die. - Jeffrey




"Al Ghemist” LP

(Painiac Records)


Thanks to Frederic of Painiac records for turning me onto this great band. After I got this I went out and got some earlier Lugubrum stuff. My favorite so far has been "Winterstones" but "Al Ghemist" is an interesting listen indeed. The writing is fucking disjointed to say the least and some parts may even have the average metal fan struggling while some parts are straight ahead ruthless. Records like this keep the ug existing and also prove that ug metal isn't for everyone. This one's limited to 400 and I'm sure it's sold out by now.  - Jeffrey




“Apocalyptic Torment” 2001 12” Picture LP

(Decius Productions)


This is a re-release of the Lust portion of the Lust/Unholy Archangel/Kult 3 way split tape on the now deceased (both man & label) Impaler Of Trendies Productions. I reviewed said tape back in issue # 5. It is amazing to own this mighty release on vinyl!! If you do not own this already you suck and tough luck getting one. Limited to 300 copies (mine is # 134). Hail the chaos legions!  - Dale

Band Email = goatvulva@angelfire.com




7" EP

(Southern Lord Recordings)


2 tracks: "El Morroco" rocks out in a St Vitus meets Fu Manchu and Scissorfight style. Up your wattage and this song will flow right in. "5 Skull Bake" on the other hand is a total droning guitar flecked piece of noise. The vox exist in a drug induced or sleep deprived plane of half existence and half reflection. Something my weary body readily relates to. One of the more important and believable artistic endeavors I've heard in a while. - Jeffrey




“Days Of Coma” ’99 7” EP

(Genocidal Records)


This vinyl gave me a hard on, not just the music made it stiff – the German porn samples helped as well. These music fuck ups Mindblaster mix crusty punk (no none of that PC commercial shit!) with pure metal sickness. It’s hard  to imagine such a mix working but somehow Mindblaster twist it into a cool form. The vocalist sounds like a pissed off bum who just had his bottle of whiskey which he had panhandled for all day stolen, it fits the music well.  - Dale

Mindblaster, c/o Hogebrandt, Fjallvagen 48, 451 53 Uddevalla, SWEDEN mindblaster@Telia.com




“Losers – Unite!” 2001 Split 7” EP

(Genocidal Records)


M – Are older but not wiser as they shit out two new angry snot drenched tracks “Chemical Lobotomy” & “Alcohol And Anguish”. More of the same debauchery as above, but leaning now a little more in the punk / crust direction but still as pissed and volatile as ever. Anyone into heavy holocaust fist to the face metal punk should like this. H – Are pure raunchy punk rock and I’m not a huge punk fan but when it is this nasty I do. It makes me not want to bathe, put on my grandpa’s ripped up clothes, go to a dollar show in someone’s basement and puke on some smelly punker bitches rancid fish cunt haha. Kind of reminds me of a faster, rougher Dead Kennedy’s mixed with a little GBH and beyond. Only $3 US for this fucking thing to the Mindblaster addy above.  - Dale




Split 7" EP

(Sombre Records)


The Moonblood side consists of a track recorded in 97 called "Supreme Black Forces of Steel". Not as majestic as some "Blut und Krieg" material but very metallized and barbaric. A band that truly deserve a cult status. Rest in hate..even though you seem to be releasing more stuff now then when you were together. Katharsis offer no mercy with the track "Watchtowers of Darkness". Not as epic minded or melodic as their style is usually performed but the manic drumming and sadistic vox keep this aloft. Great cover art by Solieri of Goatfire & ex-Hellflame zine. - Jeffrey Kusbel




"Rasluka - part 2" 10" EP

(No Colours Records)


A new release of Nargaroth and of course a different one. I fully respect the vision to not stagnate but keep the music directly in line with the emotions that inspired it. This release takes a more melodic turn towards more Norwegian sounding (notably Kampfar) black metal and includes brief interludes of melancholy flute work. With most I would say nay but it fits in this case. Kanwulf dedicates this entire ep to a deceased friend who hung himself. As described in the insert "Rasluka is the phonetic morphology for the Russian expression of "parting ways". Such should be noted and understood when listening.

Postfach 1119 - 04767 Mugeln – GERMANY - Jeffrey