“Split” 2005 MCD (Bestial Burst)

AbscessMan this is great stuff, more like the early Abscess demos then their newer stuff and it is complete sewage, romping ripping death metal!

Bloodred BacteriaTotal grinding death metal with speed, speed and more speed. Pretty intense, good thing it was short because I am exhausted.



“In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria” 2006 (Serpens Caput)

CDR promo for full Length vinyl only release on Serpens Caput. Dark ‘n cold black metal, Norge kind of type, it just did not do much for me. Sub-par.  *See Aids Review for contact…



“Epoch of Methodic Carnage” 2006 CD (Brutal Bands Records)

Well played & recorded buhrutal grinding death metal sort of in the Mortician vein yet fast and more well rounded with total garble vocals. Gets the job done & enjoyable.

www.brutalbands.net  info@brutalbands.net



“The Excellence of Supremacy” 2005 CD (Ancient Darkness Prods)

Black-ish metal which is akin to older Cradle of Filth mixed with newer Dark Funeral. Add in female clean vocals & piano - I will pass on this pansy parade unless you roll like that..

www.adnoctem.dk  www.ancientdarkness.dk



“Syndrome of The End Approaching (Serpens Caput) 2006 CDR for Full Length Vinyl

BOnly release Raw sounding and harsh chaos black metal ala Conqueror and Blasphemy but some interesting different guitar lines. Really good stuff and would sound sick on vinyl.

 www.serpenscaput.com  moonblood@tiscali.it



“Live at CBGB’s” 2006 CD + DVD (Nuclear Blast)

Major legends, I worshipped the “One Voice” LP. To be honest, the singer has lost some of his clarity & power. The DVD was best because you can really feel the wrecking ball energy with your ears and eyes. Still kicking asses after all these years!



“Edekeheit” 2006 Promo CD

Black metal that is a little one dimensional,  too melody laden and symphonic for my tastes. What about yours? $6 us:

c/o Lordi Nicolas, Le plein ciel 6A, 5 rue des charmettes, 05000 Gap, FRANCE




“Schizo Deluxe” 2005 CD (AFM Records)

It is clear the band will never touch their early classic period. However, this is heavy & stripped down way with some contemporary accessible bits lightly sprinkled within. It is good to see old man Waters still hacking away and not selling out…oh wait he already did that once.




“Forcing The Astral” 2006 CD (Profound Lore)

Old readers will remember this Canadian band from the old days and Arctic Circle have come a long way. Driving, almost hypnotic black thrash, rather unrelenting, yet moody and addictive to listen to.




“Munching The Rotten” 2006 CD (Neurotic Records)

Formerly known as Bloodcum, these Dutch blokes are brilliant with band names. American style guttural death metal that is really average and humdrum. Forgettable release.






“Dreamslave” 2005 CD (Dark Reign Records)

“Most brutal black metal album of the year” HA HA. Think of gothy Cradle of Homo mixed with the lightest elements of Goteborg dm, all swimming in puddles of synth and pro tools. The most terrible thing I have heard for a while.

D.R., P.O. Box 30727, Long Beach, CA. 90853, USA  www.devildollrecords.com



“Live on Mozartstrasse” 2005 (Axa Valaha Productions)

Around since 1994? Wow. Reminds me of a so-so version of Crowbar but with more melodo death metal to it. OK, nothing more.

Axa Valaha, c/o Mihai Caraveteanu, str Victoriei, bl.M4, sc. D, ap. 11, Turnu Magurele 145200 TR, ROMANIA  nosferatu666@k.ro  www.axavalaha.go.ro



“Goresplattered Suicide” 2005 CD (Metal Age Productions)

These dudes have been going forever. I think they could be accused back in the day, mid 90s of being incredibly average. However, with age they progressed nicely and have honed their craft into a top shelf grinding death metal band.

info@metalage.sk  www.metalage.sk



“Pact In Disease & Profanation” 2005 Split CD (Graveless Slumber Records)

Bahimiron Older even more primitive but oh so mighty black metal from one of America’s deadliest bm bands, just evil! Includes live tracks…

Teratism Black metal somewhat in the vein of classic Immortal. Good but lacked a bit of feeling and atmosphere.

1527 F Crescent Ln., Matthews, NC. 28105, USA  www.gsr666.com.



“Promo CDR 2005”

Around for 8 years already? You would think given that much time in the trenches, the music would be tighter and a lot less one dimensional, there are some signs of quality beneath though.




“The Awakening” 2006 Demo CDR (Nihilistic Holocaust)

Brutal but vigorous and varied death metal, a little depressive at times and topped off with deep growls.

www.listen.to/blackbleeding  www.nihilistic.ca.tc



“Movement & Detail” 2006 CD (10T Records)

Movement is a pretty apt title, a very emotionally carrying atmospheric record, no vocals but soundscapes ala some old Pink Floyd but much more structured and less free flowing. I liked some of it and the rest not so much.

www.boltTV.com  www.10trecords



“Beyond Eternity” 2004 Promo CDR (Dead Center Productions)

A dose of Ukranian death metal. It is heavy and has it’s segments that make you stand up and notice but mostly it is just another average death metal band to add to the pile.

http://deadcenter.nm.ru  antichrist@list.ru



“Six Sides Of Fortune” 2006 CD (Casket Music)

Reminds to a more commercial juicy fruity Monster Magnet. It made me want to jump up, turn around and puke. This is not good, not good at all.




“Spirit In Flames” 2005 CD (Copro Records)

Old man river winds onward. I would definitely say Cancer sound more old school than ever, mid-pace hypnotic dm with decipherable slow vocals that give off a cerebral fog vibe. A cunt hair away from being turtle thrash but just enough death for me. Aces for fans of the old style.

ryan@coprorecords.com  www.coprorecords.co.uk






“The Garden of Unearthly Delights” 2005 CD (Nuclear Blast)

When did Cathedral stop playing doom?! This is sped up, fast rock and a large disappointment, they just do not click at these speeds.



“Instinct” 2005 CD (Metal Age)

I know both the label and band will hate to hear this, but this band is not good enough to have a record out. Boring, repetitive material, poor execution, terrible amateurish vocals equal a band that should still be in the demo tape stage and no further.



“The Killing Has Begun” 2006 CD (Casket Music)

'Nu metal' as they call it. Very simplistic, no emotion or flow to the music, the vocalist is pretty terrible (and I thought Crowbar's vocals were bad), a lot of stop ‘n start type stuff for the kids to pogo too. Utter Garbage...

www.coprorecords.uk  www.chokehold-metal.com



“Funeral of the Living” 2005 MCD (Bestial Burst)

They are brutal but damn a doom band on the thrash obsessed speed label Bestial Burst? I love it and Conjuration are superb. Horror Metal indeed, just wow! ARGH!




“With Lewd Demeanor” 2005 CD (Neurotic Recs)

Slickly produced Scandinavian old brutal dm with a touch of old American dm influence as well. Solid but average.




“Playgrounds” 2005 CD (Progrock Records)

More progressive rock of course and this is very atmospheric and introspective. It is good stuff if you are in the mood for that. 




Demo CDR # 1 2005

It might not be but that sounds like a drum machine to me. I do loathe drums altogether. Good guitar riffs and Mortician vocals. UG garage-y feel for sure.



“Mutilation” Demo CDR # 2

The exact same as above. The vocals seem more adventurous and defined, which is cool, a bit more blasting in the drums too.

c/o Mirek Sliwa, UL. Rol na 6A, 67-106 Otyn, POLAND



“S/T” 2006 CD (Tunes of Torture Records)

A re-release of the bands ’93 (only?) album. Good old school death metal , great atmosphere, not sure it was so good it needed a re-release though but each to their own..

Tunes of Torture = torture13@ukr.net



“War Blood Massacre” 2005 CD (Bestial Burst)

Savage Satanic death metal (yes death not thrash on BB!) and I must say this is a really good platter, dark atmosphere, brutal riffs and an old school flair. Worth it.






“Made For The Violent Age” 2006 Promo CDR (Armageddon Music)

Sounds like pretty good thrash but too hard to tell when you get less than 60 seconds of each song. Message to labels if you are only going to give me a chopped up partial album then do not bother sending anything at all. Thanks. Yet I do get a making of the album video?? Ummm…. What?




“Thrashing Warthogs” 2004 CD (Merciless Records)

Good album, title says it all total thrash metal maniacs with an up-to-date production and vocals with inspired 80s metal squeals.

www.merciless-records.de  www.delirium-tremens.de



“Insensible Extinct…” 2006 CD (Terranis Productions)

The band formerly known as Brutal Masterbation. Terrifyingly brutal manic death metal with quirky and engaging structuring. Without doubt one of the best death metal albums of the year.

Terranis, Box 259, 3301 Eger, HUNGARY www.terranisproductions.hu



“Inventor of Evil” 2005 CD (AFM Records)

These guys keep trucking and they still stick to their roots – respect! This album is different but the same, if that makes sense, more stream line but still headbanging, superb guitar solos and speed. Schmier sounds so 80’s I thought I was back in school drawing band logos on my binder.




“Mask Industries” 2006 Self Released full length CDR

Mostly I have become tired of melodic goteberg death metal but Devanic do do it suitably. Catchy but still semi-heavy and atmospheric.




“Muslim Genocide” 2005 Promo CDR for 7” EP (Breath of Pestilence Records)

I have not heard anything from Devilry in a while and this has to be their best material to date. Pure bahruutaal, not to mention very dark death metal. I would say their use of interplay and simple but effective catchy riffing and lead guitar fills had me liking this an awful lot.

c/o Sir Holm, Maanviljelijankuja 6 B 21, 01370 Vantaa, FINLAND sirholm@europe.com  www.devilry.us



“Stormbolt” 2007 MCD (Bestial Burst)

Looks like their promo did it’s job and secured a deal with B.B. This release continues on with “…Genocide” from above. Evil ripping death metal! 




“The City Is Alive Tonight / Live in Baltimore” 2006 CD / DVD (Rotten Records)

Kind of reminds me of slower and slightly less insane version of The Accused (whom I like). Wacky, quirky, heavy (not dm heavy) and not bad at all, they do not match the The Accused but few could. If you want something really different get this. Otherwise definitely not.  

www.dogfashiondisco.com  www.rottenrecords.com



“Warrior Soul” 2006 CD (AFM Records)

I liked that Warlock song / vid way back in the day. This was supposed to be a return to the heaviness, it is a step in the right direction but falls a little short in my opinion.



“Rocket Ride” 2006 CD (Nuclear Blast)

Melodic heavy metal that is on the lighter symphonic side than I usually like but the guitars are heavy, riffs catchy as hell and the singer has some balls. I like it.






“Execution of Fallacy” Demo CDR

Gurgly vocal death metal from Macedonia, it is okay but surely nothing special. Definitely some Deicide influence going on and that is usually not a bad thing in my book.

c/o Zoran Setinovski, ul. ‘Pehcevska’ 5/21, 1000 Skopje, MACEDONIA setinovski@yahoo.com



“Waiting For His Return” 2005 CD (Hells Headbangers)

I never knew these ‘ole sickos were still kicking over grave stones. Nothing has changed and I like that! Mid to fast pace Satanic death metal that sounds real, unlike these new plastic “tight” junk bands littering the scene. Hail Satan!

H.H., Recs., 3593 Medina Rd. #109, Medina, OH. 44256, USA www.hellsheadbangers.com



“S/T” 2005 CD (Breath of Night Records)

Total old school Swede death metal ala Grave & Dismember. I am one of the biggest suckers for this style, a total mark, if it is well done as it is here then I cannot help but worship it!! Ancient supremacy!! *Headbangs like Mad*




“Royal Killing” 2005 CD (Metal Age)

Terrific melodic death metal but hailing more from the Edge of Sanity brutish melodicism than the flowery In Flames type.




“Mechanized Misanthropy” 2005 CD (Agonia Records)

Another project band from Pete Helmkamp. Like Terror Organ, a lesson in how anything good written in Order From Chaos or Angelcorpse, clearly did not come from Mr. Helmkamp. No denying his vocals rule & sound great here too. The music is simplistic, talentless, un-dynamic monotone drivel with loads of sampling & looping and not done well. Pete join a good band, sing & play bass, nothing else.



“Temple of Whores” 2006 CD (Ironfist Productions)

Older sounding dark death metal. Reminds me a little of early Hypocrisy. It is decent stuff but the sub-par drumming does not match the rest of the music.




“Fortunate Observer of Time” 2005 CD (Prog Rock Records)

Label name says it all. Frogg play progressive rock like Yes, King Crimson, and Rush a bit, all very skillfully mixed with Frank Zappa’s jazz musical genius moments. 




“Gloomy Lights” 2005 CD (Bestial Burst)

3 little petite Japanese chicks that play an awesome mix of Burzum & Hellhammer replete with the Hellhammer face paint?! It is true and these women are sick and brutal, you have to hear it to believe it! Bestial Burst is my new favourite label!




“Sampler Vol. 2” 2005 CD

I never know what to do with comps. Here is a cross section of old/new Canadian bands. Such as: Augury, Neuraxis, Soulscar, Ghoulunatics, Horfixion, Eclipse Eternal, Anhkrehg, Anvil and a bunch more.

Galy Records, 5100 De Verdun, Box 28544, Verdun, Quebec, CANADA H4G 3L7 galy@galyrecords.com



“La Muerte” 2006 CD (Nuclear Blast)

Did this once, long ago, great band not already embarrass themselves enough in the mid 90s?! Apparently, a new album full of Death ‘n Roll, one dimensional, boring, visionless music with no soul behind the playing – says the answer is no... Fuck off!






“The Shadows Eternal Call” 2006 CD (Undercover Records)

Imagine Immortal and Carpathian Forest mixed with an energetic thrash pacing & execution. That sounds like a good combination and it is.

U. Records, Stockhausestr 3a, 35638 Leun, GERMANY www.undercover-records.de



“Vaticum” 2006 CD (I Hate Records)

Oh my but this is some fantastic classic doom metal. So much soul and feeling, think Candlemass, The Obssessed and the slower Pentagram 70s stuff. I love it!!!!




“Reek of Pubescent Despoilment” 2006 CD (Unmatched Brutality)

Unmatched continue their tradition of quality packaging on all releases – salute. Not sure how else to say if you love gore drenched brutal death. Unmatched Brutality have best and biggest stable in the world, to my knowledge. Guttural Secrete crush but what do you expect?!

U. B., Box 1869, Powell, TN. 37849, USA  www.unmatchedbrutality.com



“World Wide Compilation” 2006 (Neverhead Distro)

Exotic sampling of bands ranging from Jordan & Serbia to Bosnia & Chile. Mainly black death, some bands include: Amon Din, Ek, Rabbath Amon, Kratornas, Orifice & 13 more. Check it out this looking release.

Kager Balazs, 2031 Erd, Pf. 91, HUNGARY neverhearddistro@gmail.com



“Hung With Barbwire” 2006 CD (Unmatched Brutality)

Total recorded in toilet water grunts like the early 90s, I love it. I am unsure how Unmatched Brutality keeps finding so many killer gore death bands?! I certainly was unaware there were so many these days.



“Dawn of A New Aeon” 2005 CD (Agonia Records)

I heard all their Necrapolis stuff but I think their best albums have been since they left that label. Last record was an old school deathrash outing, this time it is a black & death metal mix. Fast, brutal & rhythmic washed down with some sour black rasps & massive production.

A.R., Box 273, 64-920 Pila 1, POLAND www.agoniarecords.com



“The Malignity Born From Despair” 2006 CD (Unmatched Brutality)

Totally brutish death metal ala Cannibal Corpse mixed with the NY dm sound and done well by this Japanese band.




“The Innerancy of Profanation” 2005 CD (Unmatched Brutality)

I fancy the Jon Zig cover. This is a one man band, you cannot tell and that drum programming is well done. Fans of Immolation, Benediction with Suffocation vocals & otherwise tendencies - check this out.




“Broken Whispers” 2005 CD (Flood The Earth Records)

Atmospheric movie soundtrack style synth based music. Kind of like the melancholic, introspective music they play in movies. Not bad for what it is. 

Flood The Earth, Box 402, Pinole, CA. 94564 USA www.floodtheearth.com