Demo CD 2007


An interesting mix of metallic tapestry sweeping in on the winter winds from Finland. The band seems to have an interesting colourful and forceful array of content to their lyrics and message. A fave song title of the 7 tracks present would be “New Clear Vision – Nuclear Vision” and another goodie is “Anal Napalm Bomb”. That one sounds painful both to the assaulter and the one receiving the gift haha. I love a band with a raunchy attitude mixed with some evil hate and a little fun humour. To be honest the music is rather simple, stripped down and can use a little more flow somehow in certain parts. But that is not meant to be negative as the music on here is rather good, memorable and keeps the old metal spirit burning brightly in my view. AFC play a mix of old school heavy metal and thrash with some small death / black metal elements and even a touch of punk in spots. They play generally at a more mid-paced speed ala the American band Scepter who are probably not too far off as a comparison, though Scepter was more on the old pure heavy metal rocking side of the ledger. In other words, if you enjoy the audio smell of a witches cunt & like headbanging then you should pick up this demo now.   – Dale

www.absolutechaos.co.nr/   www.myspace.com/absolutefuckingchaos   




"Luciferik Ritual Blasphemy"

Demo 2008

This band is coming from Singapore, the country where tons of great obscure hordes in old-school metal are, and ABVULABASHY is right into legion of destructive hordes! The music played here is real old-school black-death, made in a really destructive way; the whole structure is chaotic and brings nothing less than total destruction! It has a raw sound, mad cutting guitar riffs, just sick blasphemous screams and the whole dark atmosphere. I liked also all of those fast tunes which is the music is created with. The main conception of this stuff is total annihilation of humanity, a standard theme, nevertheless great music underlines that ideas! 3 songs just, which force you to get a knife and go to kill someone, he-hej. And of course blasphemous atmosphere should force you worship to the music of this band. Support them because ABVULABASHY deserve for support from worldwide maniacs which are into blasphemous music!   - Aleksandr Maksymov  

crucifixdestroyer@yahoo.com.uk   www.myspace.com/abvulabashy  




“We Must Be In Hell” 1999 Demo / CD

(Cursed Productions)


Damn, I remember reviewing this bands demo “Lord Of Chaos” back in ‘94/95 for the Sepulchral Voice fanzine. The style hasn’t changed much but their improvement and maturity shows. Adversary play heavy and reflective mid-paced death metal that is both well constructed and well played. It’s of note this band has two fanzine editors in it! Ray Miller of Metal Curse and Jack Botos who publishes Portrait Of Defiance ‘zine. To close my highest compliment to them is their riffing reminds me of a death metal version of Motorhead. 

Send only $5 US for the disc to: Adversary, P.O. Box 302, Elkhart, IN. 46515-0302, USA Email = cursed@sbinet.com




“Severance [Dead To This World]”

Demo 2008


As I understand, this is demo of this band, I don’t know how old the band is, but I know they are from France and plays good musick. Here are 3 songs just, but it was enough for me to understand what things they are worshipping. And they worship pure old-school death-thrash metal! This is music for fans of raw old-school death metal, with tons of obscure melodies, as well as freezing sick solos. Looking to the intros in the start of songs I suppose they are into war themes totally, and the music sounds warlike too. Each chord is wrapped in hate and evil, and the only things you’ll feel while listening this stuff is fear! The whole stuff sounds raw and has various tempos, songs played both fast and slow means, and with tempo-changes. Each song is pretty memorable and fukking catching my attention. I listened to this EP for about 5-6 times already, and the only thing I’d like to do after EP finished – is press to start button again! The main conception of this metal carcass reminded me of early Sweden style, with such obscure and at the same time catching, driving riffing! Here also great destructive drumming, together with no less destructive growls (slightly reminded me GOREFEST or DISMEMBER for example). There on the photo musicians look like young men, so I dare to say – they choose the right way to create destructive music! So let’s support them.  - Aleksandr Maksymov 





“War Of Extermination” 2012 Demo Cassette

(Self Released)


It is cool to see bands continuing to release tapes, this time I received a cassette demo from this aggressive Swedish band. Aggressive Mutilator play loose, raw and lethal dark thrash metal in the old school tradition. War of Extermination features very mid paced, while continually preserving an evil edge and a cold atmosphere in way few bands manage to accomplish these days. They just have that raw energy to them, sort of a rough punk energy mixed with thrash and an old school black metal aesthetic. Their music is pretty simple, straight forward. There are five songs on here, including a cool cover of “Sacrifice” by Bathory. They do a superb job on this cover most importantly capturing the old feeling of this classic song and the feel of that time in musically. The lyrics are steeped in blasphemy, depravity, war and sleaze. I mean unless you are one of those types that only loves plastic, razor sharp productions, then there is very little here not to like.  - Dale

http://aggressivemutilator.bandcamp.com/  mikael_holm@hotmail.com 




“Death Toll VI” 2013 Demo CDR

(Salute Records)


The Swedish purveyors of filth return already with yet another attack already. Aggressive Mutilator is a very prolific band, they released three demos and a seven inch in 2012 alone. They show no signs of slowing down as you can see this is the second demo they sent me this year already! The sounds on Death Toll VI is very rhythmic, almost ritualistic feeling, they still play that dirty thrash style but the music on here reminds me a lot of old thrashing black metal bands from the late ‘80s / early ‘90s. You know stuff from that time period like Mortuary Drape, Necromantia, Vital Remains or even something like the “Inside The Circle Of The Pentagram” demo from Morningstar or the “Satanas Tedeum” demo from Rotting Christ mixed with some Celtic Frost. You know I worship all of that, so it is no surprise that I also like the stripped down low-fi sickness of the Mutilator. I need to go to Scandinavia one day soon and see a gig with Aggressive Mutilator playing alongside Axeslaughter and Bestial Mockery, I might not make it out alive!  - Dale

http://aggressivemutilator.bandcamp.com/   mikael_holm@hotmail.com    




“Channeling Unclean Spirits”

Demo Tape

(Starlight Temple)


A nice surprise here, this brings back memories. It harkens back to the days I sat in my bedroom, ripping open package after package from fellow tape traders and listening to great dark death metal. Now are talking circa ’91 to ’93 and death metal, what I now call old school death metal was a different beast. Not that many bands had yet jumped on the guttural brutal death metal. This was slow to mid paced death metal that still had some of that old feeling. I think back to bands like Immortal Fate, early Acheron (the first album a lot and of course that debut is one of the greatest metal records ever released), Cemetary, early Rotting Christ, Varathron and the like, I know there is some nostalgia going on here but fuck me it feels good to listen to something like this, in this day and age of a million miles a minute, glossy pro-tool’d razor shit that is just getting too much. Five track of epic suffocating death metal. Yes the flame still burns in Alioth, the ancient feelings in me have been stirred and I am reminded why I fucking worshipped true metal of death and the occult in the first place! Alioth is not flashy, Alioth is not brutal, nor blistering fast or adrenaline filled. Now what Alioth is heavy, deeply atmospheric, mysterious and hypnotic, they are beckoning you to swing the river of styx, drink it deep and praise be in the name of metal. Upon completion of this review I have come to the knowledge that is the one man band of Wargoat Obscurum from Cult of Daath, quality metal from one of the truly dedicated. Consider my filthy spirit channeled. – Dale

cultofdaath@comcast.net http://starlighttemple.atspace.com  S.T., Box 293, Glendale, OR. 97442-0293, USA




“Heaven Hath No Fury”1998 CD



I’m not much of a fan of hardcore or the mixing of death and hardcore (deathcore). It has to be done with a lot of energy and brutality to impress me. Alterkation fit that bill as they are the above plus a little punk feel. Good enough for me to enjoy but not good enough to make me think highly of said genre. Send $10 US/$15 World to:

Alterkation, P.O. Box 335, Clarksburg, MJ. 08510, USA Web = www.alterkation.com




“Rise Of The Tempest”

Demo / CD 1999


Cheers to Glenn of the mighty Destruktor for pointing this band towards Canadian Assault. Anarazel (Anah-rah-zel) play great and stylish black metal which I would consider similar to the Swedish and French black metal scenes. The vocals remind me to Immortal from their first album “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism”. The material on here is really very quality stuff and I think you should get yourself a copy and hear this cold band. Send $8 US to:

Anarazel, P.O. Box 26, South Oakleigh, Victoria, AUSTRALIA Web = www.alphalink.com.au/~gelman




“A Menacing Reality” 2010 CD



This is something different from what I usually get and that is a nice change of pace. Not to mention they are from my homeland (or the old country if you prefer) of Canada. It is always a pleasure to get some music from back home. Ancient Obliteration play a quirky sort of thrash and death metal mixture most often played at a pounding slower to mid-paced speed. They sing about monsters and cool shit like that from what I can gather, you know the kind that wreck cities, slither out of swamps, ooze puss and sending people scurrying like roaches when someone turns on a light. The production is clear enough for me but also kind of muddy and obscure sounding, but if you read Canadian Assault often you know I tend to like that kind of thing. The vocals of Geoff Olson are excellent and I never tire of hearing them. They are part shouted, part growled with that old school thrash gruff clarity and he comes across a little bit like he is an off-kilter mad man that stepped out of one of those cheesy but great 70s horror flicks. Actually musically their attitude and quirkiness makes me think somewhat of another great old messed up Canadian thrash band I worshiped growing up by the name of Dayglo Abortions. You mix Dayglo Abortions with some great old American deathrashdoom sicko bands like Righteous Pigs, Impetigo and Goatlord, then smatter in a healthy dose of their own sound and you have Ancient Obliteration. Seriously the more I listen to these guys it makes me think of a more off-balance slightly more modern version of Righteous Pigs (which featured Mitch Harris of Defecation/Napalm Death fame in its ranks). I loved the Pigs so that is a compliment. Ancient Obliteration is probably an acquired taste for some that like it all slick and by the numbers. For the rest of you reading this check out these dirty sounding, fuzzy monster obsessed pervs out.  – Dale






“Beyond The Infinite Horizon”

Promo CD-R 1999


This is pretty damn good heavy Euro styled death metal. Some nice quality material with fresh sounding, semi-technical song structuring. The vocals are maniacal screams and growls that give the music a touch of chaos. Only two songs on here but if the rest of their stuff is like this I can only highly recommend Aphasia to you. Order their 4 song MCD with the same title as this promo for $10 US to:

Aphasia, c/o Steph, C.P. St-Andre, B.P. 32111, Montreal, Quebec, H2L 4Y5, CANADA




“Self Titled” 2013 Demo CDR

(Mandarangan Recordings)


I have heard a lot of bands over the years from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and that region. But this Malaysian band, I am pretty sure is the first doom band I have ever heard from there. No not pure doom, but rather a death doom metal band, a scene which for a while there about half a decade ago seemed like it was poised to break out, then quickly went back in the shadows. It is raw and simplistic doom death, but rhythmic and heavy, every now and then there are even these crazy little guitar solos, which should not fit with this music but somehow Ataul make it fit and it sounds cool. The vocals are part spoken, part growl, and part whisper which all combine together for a cool sound that compliments the dark mood. Which brings up a point I wanted to make, that is unlike most doom bands Ataul music is not really depressive, but rather it is evil and sick sounding which is cool. An old fave doom death band for me is Goatlord and I feel like they might be a big influence on this Ataul, I also hear a little Disembowelment and Cianide in there. Only three songs here, so not a ton to go on but I like what I hear and I look forward to following this killer band.  - Dale 

http://mandarangan.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2013   ataul_ph@yahoo.com 




Symbol Of Loss" Demo CD 2011

(Self Released)


Averse Concept are a black metal duo that plays a mixture of early nineties mid-paced black metal with a lot of modern black metal that really doesn't fit together. Semi raw/dark guitars with very little emotion or aggression. The drumming is a little better quality with some decent patterns but overall the band is not the violent, raw style black that I grew up on. The vocalist doesn't fit at all going from screams / hollering to some god-awful type of clean vocal yelling / singing that doesn't fit at all. Maybe fans of modern black metal will enjoy this, but as for me I'm gonna stick with the more violent, raw sounding black metal.  - Patrick

http://averseconcept.bandcamp.com/  https://www.facebook.com/Averseconcept?fref=ts  




“Reaping Mindless Discord”

Demo 1999


There are a robust six tracks (“Axenic”, “Reaping Mindless Discord”, “Vexed”, “Equal To Nothing” and “In Green Pastures”) of thrash structured but death metal sounding music. The vocals are pretty cool as they are growled by 3 separate members. I see room for improvement but for a debut demo this is pretty damn solid.

Axenic, c/o Ji Taylor, P.O. Box 1735, Flowery Branch, GA. 30542, USA





Demo Tape 2006


This is actually the band of the man who runs Witching Black records. If memory serves, our mortal coils crossed paths a time or two in the mid 90s before I moved to the US. This material was recorded in 2006 and contains 4 tracks of nothing less than northern Canadian black fucking metal! The main vocals are standard black metal and are really good. They pepper in a bunch of obscured death metal sounding vocals but these are buried so deep in the mix you really need to listen very hard to even pick them up. Begrime definitely do not employ standard monotonous black metal riffing / song structures. They like to throw some dynamics and emotional speed / time changes that go a long way to keeping ones interest quite attentive to their dark art. There is a great song on here which is a tribute to an old comrade of mine. Mad Max Varnier of Impaler of Trendies records / Worship / Kult + some fanzines he used to do. Long story short a couple years after he moved from France to Canada, he jumped off of a bridge and committed suicide. He will be missed and I can appreciate this little tribute. Good demo. – Dale

B.E., 13307-117 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T5E 5K3  bsymic@shaw.ca 




“Chainsaw Demons Return”

Demo 1999


Pure raging chaos in it’s rawest metallic form! Warring hymns in the tradition of Blasphemy, (old) Beherit with a little early Destruction and Venom thrown in! They are no retro band though and walk their own blood stained path. The vocals are rough and inflamed blackened gurgles and shouts. The metal spirit lives and it has never looked uglier!!

Bestial Mockery, c/o Carl Warslaughter, Bjorid 6440, 455 92 Munkedal, SWEDEN




“Alchoholic Metal Mayhem”

Demo 1999


They say they play in the tradition of Motorhead, Warfare, Bulldozer and Venom. Those are some very cult names to throw around! Do they live up to their billing? Yes and no. There are hints of Motorhead, Venom and Bulldozer but what takes things down a notch or two for me is it has a lot of punk rock influence both musically and in execution. I hear influences like D.R.I. and Dayglo Abortions running throughout. Not a bad tape at all and the old metal attitude is welcome but it is too punkish for me to recommend. $6 US to:

Iron Bonehead Records, Brunnenweg 9a, 36160 Dipperz (Diapers!? J), GERMANY Band Email = pranuss@gmx.de




“Promo 2012” CDR


Unfortunately the CDR the band sent will not play and my computer reads the disc as being empty and read to record. But fortunately for me (and those reading this) the bands Reverb Nation page has the entire demo available to play for free. Blood Legion hail from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and play dark death thrash metal with old school feel and attitude. They play a stripped down, simple sounding and very controlled brand of metal. I really like the vocals from Shan, they are shrouded growled vox that seem to provide the most emotion in Blood Legion’s music, as the guitars in particular are too muted and listless sounding for my tastes. Though I must admit that area picks up a little on the last track which sounds like a different recording to me and the band let loose a and go balls out, they should do more of this, it suits them. This third and final track titled Blood Legion after the name of the band, is easily the best song on here, it shows what Blood Legion are capable of. I think they have a ways to before they make a name for themselves, but you can see the foundation is there. Like I said if the song Blood Legion is any indication you can expect the band to realize some of that untapped potential with their next release. Hope I get a chance to hear it soon.  - Dale.

http://www.myspace.com/bloodlegion666  http://www.reverbnation.com/bloodlegion666    





“Poisoned Reality”

Promo CDR 2006


Two years passed and I listen to the latest album of this Ukrainian band which management I run some years ago... To be honest I awaited some great stuff from this album, and I was right! With this album BRILLIANT COLDNESS opened new "gates" in its history, I mean this stuff is more than great in all brutal death aspects, and I'm curious how they did not find label still?!?! Well, I think musicians just running poor promotion, because the internet doesn't have so strong power… "Poisoned Reality" is really different from "Beyond Eternity", this stuff is more catching, more brutal and very technical (also here's more or less good sound as for Ukraina). Music made in really rich way, here are tight rhythm-section, massive sound, obscure atmosphere, deep growls… The strongest side of BC is guitar parts, which are really killing, might it be rhythm-section or freezing solos here and there, as well as good drumming. Not only straight-forward riffs waiting here for your soul, but such sick killer breakdowns as well (these moments BC music reminded me such INCANTATION even, thx to those slooow guitars/drums, and deeeeep growls…)… Also there is a huge influence from gods MORBID ANGEL (again guitar parts, as well as solos and tempo-changes). If we'll look deeply into music structure, we'll see some influences from such TESTAMENT (from the latest albums) and KREATOR as well as such as NECROPHAGIST even (yeah, killer, technical rhythmic… ). It is really hard to try to fully descre "Poisoned Reality"… Thus we have technical brutal death, made in all its obscure "beautiful" way… for fans of twisted brutal riffs and memorable stuff as a whole! I think BC have a big future, but they will have to take care much more with promotion…  - Aleksandr Maksymov





“Dolorum / Cobrum / Buztum / Askum”

Promo CDR


You are wondering about that title, are you not? This is no less than 4 demos all released at once and collected for me on this one single promo CD. The whole thing seems to be some sort of connected war concept though the message of it all seems a little unclear. Buztum is nothing more than 1 guy playing / recording his synth. I must confess after listening to this, it may be the worst ambient keyboard music I have ever heard! That is saying a lot! I have heard some really, really bad stuff. I include my old tape trader from the mid 90s, his stuff was just awful but I will be damned if some label in Italy did not release a couple albums worth of it. The “music” itself is poorly thought out and not well performed either. It is, neither evil sounding or depressive nor melancholic and not possessing any traits that are usually considered of any worth in this style. It is monotone tripe. This is really embarrassing. How he managed to get not 1 but 4 labels to release this stuff is beyond me. Oh before I go all 4 tapes were recorded in one day. Four demos recorded in one day – I rest my case. – Dale

www.apocalypticempire.com   www.bloodynecromancer.de 




Compilation CDR 2005

(Nihilistic Holocaust Records)


Another fine compilation from the mighty UG to the maximum Nihilistic Holocaust raising hell in the fiery, prolific French scene. 4 bands on here with 3 to 6 songs a piece, here we go…

Incinerator - Raw raucous and heavy chugging old school thrash metal with some intense solos and vocals that scream old German thrash influences but musically they remind me a lot of Sacrifice. Excellent band…  the.heretic@lycos.com

Vacarme Mid paced death metal with some speedy parts, kind of reminds me of early Sinister or some early 90s death metal demo bands. Not bad… stenchvacamre@free.fr

Lethal In the immortal words of Dayglo Abortion “Arghh Fuck Kill!”. This is killing alright, 80s reminiscent Speed Metal nightmare, straight forward, catchy with epic adventurous solos, pounding drums and a husky singer that reminds me to Bob Reid during his S.F.H. days. Superb stuff here, keep your fucking eyes out for this band! sorath@hel l-mail.zzn.com

Re-Creation Moody death thrash metal with a slower pace, heavy but with a lot of slow contemplative type of moments and deep growls. Not that any band on the planet is as good as Disciples of Power but their style kind of mirrors them a bit. Goodwww.re-creation-band.com  – Dale

Nihilistic Holocaust, c/o Gabriel S., Nihilistic Holocaust Records   mailto: Gabsk@wanadoo.fr  



“Through Chaos And Disharmony” 1998

(Self-Released CD)


This is OK. Mix a little Napalm Death “Utopia Banished” with heavy doses of Fear Factory’s first album (vocals too) with less industrial feel and you pretty much have Core. Decent but not much more. It costs $14 US to:

Core, P.O. Box 2040, CEP 86023-970, Londrina-Pirahna, BRAZIL Web = http://members.tripod.com/coredam




“Death Is Rising”

Demo 1999


4 songs on here (“Bodybag Lust”, “Thoughts Of A Graverobber”, “Putrid Mass Mutilation” and “Amputation Of Vital Organs”). This is my first time hearing Cranial Torment even though this is apparently their 3rd demo. I think the drums are programmed or the drummer just has no style and plays boring. In fact this may be a one man band as the music as a whole is very uncohesive. Sorry this demo did little to nothing for me. Send $5 US to:

Cranial Torment, c/o Bill Benakis, 32 Paradision St. Peristeri, 121 36 Athens, GREECE





Demo CD 2011


This is Crowned and they hail from Brisbane, Australia and Ainulindale is a three song demo, the bands debut recording as it were. The three tracks are very epic in running time, going from 8 minutes to 11 minutes respectively. The word epic fits very well as the band play an atmospheric, drawn out sweeping form of black with short interludes of speed and furry to add dynamic to the flowing mainstay. I think right away people will think of the early Burzum albums when listening to Ainulindale. That is the feeling I received and that is my favourite period of Burzum, maybe not so surprisingly I quite enjoyed this release. The first song is an instrumental, after that you run up against some harsh and raspy / growling vocals that for me do not fit this style quite as well as they would a less atmospheric band (ala Immortal or someone along those lines). That is not to say they are not good or are distracting, they are just fine, but could be a little better. This is definitely a promising demo and a good release by its own merits, it sounds like we will not have wait long for a follow up as the band plans to record their debut album sometime this year. Check it out.   – Dale





“Where Angels Rot”

Demo CD 2005


Crucifix hail from Denmark. This is their second demo, the first being “Extermination” in 1998. This is purposely played Florida style death metal, with a Satanic side. There’s no DM / BM crosses here, just as Deicide, mainly. This works in and out of their favour. Rather than concentrate on sounding American, they use their Danish abilities, as Denmark easily has a trademark sound of their own; owning many of the greatest bands in the world. The music is very reputable, the vocals need work, they could be more devastating. See I’m a huge fan of double vocals, but somehow it doesn’t work here and is overused, becoming tedious at times. I’m not shitting on this five-some, but this is nothing original, or remotely anything you have not heard before by a fusillade of other bands in the last 15 years of the Florida fame genre worldwide. Crucifixiation, errr, I mean Crucifix (or do I?) does kick ass with cool intros but could kick ass hard than this 5 song demo. Considering this band is in their demo stage, next time, if they work harder, I may hail this band one day – they have the potential. Buy this for 7 euros. – Clayton






Full length Demo CD 2008


There are a precious few that properly combine hardcore and death metal into something that is palatable to mine ears. This group of Austrian metallers are next in line to give this experiment a go. They do have some positives going on such as when they decide to play some straight on death metal passages they are pretty good at it. Then they add in the rhythmic almost rhyme-y swaying pogo jump grooving sections and the whole things starts to go side ways a bit. Songs like “Reaping Tempest”, “Verbal Defecation” and the title track highlight to me how the band are mostly imitating their inspirations stemming from such bands as Hatebreed, Dying Fetus with a hint of Fear Factory (no not the industrial influence). Not overly impressive considering these guys have been around for over 10 years now with this release containing songs from a past release. If you are really into the bands above and want anything in the style even if it is not nearly as good you may want to get this. Otherwise I think Crusade should keep at it and work on something that has more of their own identity within the music. – Dale

http://www.myspace.com/crusade666   http://www.crusade.at 




“Attack From The Past”

Demo 2008


Argh! Yet another band from Poland, and a really obscure one. I have heard nothing about this band before, but now I'm totally satisfied with this chance. Unfortunately the demo includes just two songs, and both these songs killed me. The music CRYPTIC RITES plays is true old-school mix of death and thrash metal! The music is played pretty professionally and as a whole it's pretty memorable and standard, but it's the right standard, I mean music is based on such necro riffs, which tightly mixed both death metal brutality and thrash metal aggression. Of course there are lots of similarities to other (old) bands on things like guitar parts and so on, nevertheless the music sounds really dark and obscure, and of course TRUE as for UG "hellcommunity"! This is totally OUR cup of BLOOD, so we just should to support this horde NOW!  - Aleksandr Maksymov 

cryptic_rites@yahoo.pl   http://crypticrites.prv.pl/




“Live At Tokyo”

Promo Tape 1999


I was chuffed when I read the bio and seen Cutthroat is made up of Youhei and Yasuyuki of Abigail as well as Mirai and Shinichi of Sigh! The tape consists of a live gig where these metallers played 11 cover songs! They say “this tape shows all these ‘retro thrash’ bands what ‘pure fucking metal’ means”. That they do as evidenced by this tape. But if that was their sole intention why did they confuse things by doing 4 punk rock cover songs!?!? Anyhow they fucking rip and blaze all in their path with killer covers of such ugly bands as Voivod, Razor, Sacrifice (I think they like Canadian metal!! Hell Yeah!!!), Warfare, Hirax, Tankard plus more. The sound on this tape rules and it only costs $2 US so I can recommend all headbangers with metallic blood in their veins to order this!

Cutthroat, c/o Yasuyuki Suzuki, 59-7 Saiwai Cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0034, JAPAN Email = suzuyasu@ma3.justnet.ne.jp





CDR Demo 2004


As soon as the first song starts "Dark Mass Medium", I know what this band is about. You have a guitarist that has probably been wood shedding for years in his bedroom - practicing until his fingers bled. He then gets all his finger tapping and arpeggio sweeps down and decides its time to form a band to showcase his talent. Said backup band is anywhere from average to decent but the "star" is Mr. Wood Shed. Dark Mass is basically an excuse for a competent guitar player to release his music. By the way Mr. Wood Shed - tune your guitar or work on the intonation - it's out of tune on several tunes, particularly when you're using the clean sound. I like the drum set in the music video from one of their live gigs. A lovely glitter 5 piece that is reminiscent of my junior high school jazz band's kit. Hey, if that's all ya got, that's all ya got. It certainly is pretty but probably too pretty for a band called Dark Mass. That would also explain the mashy 80's snare drum sound I suspect, though. I was half expecting Crockett and Tubbs to come driving down the road in the video. If I had to pick between hearing a crushing E chord or a flight of too many bumblebees kind of playing (like this recording) - I'd pick that E chord - every damn time. Sometimes musicians need to know when not to play so much. Guitar masturbation central is this dead mass.  - Mark





“Demo 2011” Demo CDR

(Self Released)


Dark Psychosis hail from Lansing, Michigan and they hit the ground running with this seven song demo release. The guitars are really front and center, they ride the line between having that razor sharp feel and just straight up cutting raw fuzz chainsaw sound. As I mentioned the band are full on, tons of energy and venom, just a headlong dash for the finish line taking down anything in their path. Yes, some pretty adrenaline filled black thrash metal is what you get, nothing overly fancy, nothing too technical, not that that is what they were going for anyway. Maybe think of a dark sounding Celtic Frost that drank way too many energy drinks, to get a general picture on the Dark Psychosis sound. Even their solos are fucking spastic and played at light speed haha. The vocals are gruff, hissed thrash vocals spat out in a rapid fire fashion. Dark Psychosis are not overly dynamic, more of a one trick pony much of the time, though they do slow down very briefly here and there, so yes a bit of one trick pony, but they do that one trick very well and throw everything they’ve got into executing it. I think fans of old school raw thrash and Celtic Frost, that also like their stuff speedy will enjoy this.  - Dale

http://www.myspace.com/103720953  http://www.darkpsychosis.com/fr_home.cfm    




“Nocturnal Prowler”

Demo 1998


This is a perfect example of why I hate keyboards! The tape is filled with promising dark music but smothered unmercifully with keys. The band is apparently currently recording their debut album. If you like your music mid-tempo with obscure feel and tons of keyboreds then this is the band for you. Send $4 US to:

Dark Vision, c/o Giannis Konstantakos, 5/Akti Kountouriotou, 18534 Piraeus, GREECE




“Antichristian Disease”

Demo 2008


This band is coming from Kyiv, Ukraina, and fortunately this band is on the right way of Metal creation. Yeah, I was really impressed by their music. For the last times I didn’t get any worthy stuff from my country (except for SLAUGHTER BRUTE), and I’m hellish glad by fact of existing such band. DEFERUM SACRUM plays obscure black metal, made in great hellish way. The whole sound can’t be called raw, nevertheless the music sounds really obscure as I said before. This demo is made in fast rhythms, with some tempo-changes and destructive atmosphere. As for me this stuff should be respected by fans of bands such as SATYRICON or from time to time CARPATHIAN FOREST for example. I mean there are lots of things made in aforementioned bands way, such catching rhythm-section and straight-forward guitar riffs, sometimes changed on such marching destructive ones (attention, these aren’t comparisons, I just wrote way the band is on). Also music is not dominated by straight-forward riffs just, there also lots of sick slowdowns involved over here. As for Ukrainian scene this band is pretty awesome I must to admit, and the only thing I’d like to add is – DEFERUM SACRUM should be supported by black metal fans! At the moment band is searching for a label who will release their stuff, I hope they will find it soon and we’ll be able to hear full-length. This time keep up your eyes upon this horde!  - Aleksandr Maksymov





“Welcome In The World”

Promo Tape 1999


Slovak progressive heavy metal that I found enjoyable. They could be a bit tighter though and some of the vocals were pretty poor. I was sent this on a dub and I don’t know if I got a bad dub or this release just sucks but my copy cuts out from time to time. The talent and potential is there but I need a better sounding product to truly judge. Management contact:

Marek Faltan, Cinobana 295, 985 22 Cinobana, SLOVAKIA





Full Length Demo CD 2011


This is some throw back thrash that will surely bring to mind the 80s bay area scene. The vocalist has more of a traditional old school style to his voice and delivery but I also detect a hint of James Hetfield influence there as well. I could see thrash fans that like the newer style not being that into this, it has that old 80s speed / thrash metal vibe to the pacing with speedy parts, yet the music is often more on a mid-pace with a nice emphasis on the atmosphere. Which is something a lot of thrash does not have and especially newer contemporary bands. I am sure Degradation is fine with that they know who their music appeals to and fly that flag proudly. There are some tasty guitar fills / solos on here that add extra dynamic and pushes the song forward. I really enjoyed those. I think for the most part Degradation do their own thing, but you can hear them wearing their influences on their sleeves at times too. Such as the title track, sections of that scream out Master Of Puppets to me. Still they make even that stuff sound pretty cool. This is for fans of the bay area thrash scene circa the mid to late 80s when bands like Testament, Forbidden, Vio-lence, Death Angel, Exodus, Heathen, Defiance etc… were ruling the scene and making heads bang. So if that is your cup of tea, then by all means you should check out Degradation.  – Dale

http://www.myspace.com/degradation666   http://www.degradationband.com/   




“Vikingpath” CDR 2010

(Salute Records)


I guess this must be some sort of a popular cult release or it is treated as such with it’s limited releases. This album was released on CDR in 2010 through the Kvlt666 label in a limit of only 66 copies. Now Salute Records re-releases this album again on CDR, with new cover artwork, this time limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Apparently my copy is #3 in the run. They label themselves experimental Pagan Black Metal. That seems like a fairly apt description. They also add in some extreme death touches here and there, not too often, more like an accent to their main sound. This is pretty interesting stuff, definitely different, the experimental parts come in with a odd sound on their production and incorporating strange, at times psychedelic sound effects, that adds a trippy, off-kilter vibe to their staple dark atmospheric sound. It is hard to explain, but the sound effects are things like eccentric, weird popping sounds, almost like something sampled from an old sci-fi movie or tv show and re-purposed and presented in a musical way, other times it sounds like sampled middle eastern Sitar type music and just various random sound effects. They go to this middle eastern well a bit too often for my liking though. Sometimes these experiments are really effective, they create not only something different but something resembling an original sound. Then other times the experimental elements come off as clunky, out of place and that particular song or section kind of falls on its face. But hey I guess you have to give the band credit for attempting something different, while not just being ridiculous simply to stand out. The traditional elements are pretty simple, stripped down music, minimal beats, lightly strummed guitar played at a pedestrian speed to create a dark, moody atmosphere. This main theme you get is the pagan or viking metal influence, slow and meandering as it is much of the time, lightly sprinkled with some full on metal touches here and there. The vocals are the obscure whispered style, which adds a little of that bold I am a mighty pagan warrior vibe. The vocals like the music tends to vary and be layered. I am not sure whether to recommend this or not. If you are adventurous and appreciate bands trying new, different things you might dig this. If not you will probably not get into this, as mentioned at times it really clicks, other times it comes off like a clunky, amateurish mess. Caveat Emptor my friends.  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/demorian  https://www.facebook.com/SaluteRecords    





Promo Tape 1999


Only 3 tracks on here (“War Whores”, “It Feeds On Children”, and “Warhammer”) and apparently all 3 are going to be on comps coming out. I remember tape trading for two demos of this band in like ’96 or so. Then they were industrial death metal which is something I dislike but they were quite brutal so I didn’t mind it so much. It is still slow industrial sounding but the death and brutality has been replaced by hardcore/crust elements both musically and lyrically. The tape only runs about 3-4 minutes but it only costs $2 US so it is your call.

Depressor, P.O. Box 472007, S.F., CA. 94147, USA




“Hate For Your Blood”

Promo 1999


Technical, tight, teeth-rattlin’ and adrenaline pumping death metal! There is only two songs on here but that is enough for one intense juggernaut of a disharmonic extremity that should not be missed! Send only $2 US to:

Descend, P.O. Box 770376, Cleveland, OH. 44107, USA




“Death Lives Again”

Demo CD 2007


This is the new band of Henrik Engkjaer, a member from the great Danish bands Exekrator and Victimizer. I am a big fan of both of those bands (I interviewed both for Canadian Assault to prove it haha). So naturally I am extremely excited to receive this demo release. Henrik is helped out here with some vocal abuse courtesy of Anders Bo Rasumussen and Les Groth of Crucifix on the skins. This is right in my wheel house, it is dark, it is brutal, but it is also quite rhythmic and catchy and memorable with a very Euro flair to it. The vocals are heavy death metal growls but well-done and the inflection in the voice often mimics the melodies in the music and the result is very satisfying. They are also not above throwing in a ripping smoker of a fast guitar solo or two which sits well with me too. Mr. Groth does not disappoint with blasting, but tasteful drumming and lightning double bass. There are 4 tracks on here for interested parties and the production is very solid in my opinion for a demo. I think maniacs who appreciate bands Necrophobic, Edge Of Sanity, Autopsy, Dissection, Death mixed with the attitude and imagery of bands like Nunslaughter and Goatlord. Well worth checking out by both fans and prospective record labels. I hear they might have a new demo in the works. I am already looking forward to that shit cumming down the pike.   – Dale

http://www.deus-otiosus.com   www.myspace.com/deusotiosus   




“To Praise With Persecution”

Full Length Demo CD 2007


The Texan’s album starts off with a classy instrumental tribute to Chuck Shuldiner from Death. The guitar work on this song is fantastic and it is pretty clear throughout that Mr. Shuldiner is a key influence. I have a long standing interest in Discern going all the way back to 1998. When I reviewed and praised their only other release until now. That is a long time with nothing new released but they (as in the one man of the band Billy Fraser) are alive and definitely kicking. If you like and are looking for meat and potatoes metal then that is what you will get. Just some really hearty brutal American death metal with good heavy riffing backed with a solid wall of straight forward & driving drum pounding. You get a little of everything as this is fairly equal parts of blazing speed and brooding ominous transitions. It is all topped off with classic death metal growling and barrage of guitar solos/fills that surely has Chuck smiling from the beyond. I think this was recorded at a studio that King Diamond has done some of his albums at and it sounds very good. I can recommend you pick this up and you will headbang to it. Good work Bill.  – Dale

http://www.discerndeathmetal.com/   http://www.myspace.com/discerndeathmetal






Promo CD 1999


A 3 song disc that features Craig Pillard (vocals/guitar) and Jim Roe (drums) who were of course in Incantation for the first couple albums. The sounds a bit rough as it was done live in the studio but still very decent. The music sounds like a slowed down doomier early Incantation with an own twist. I think most loved Craig’s vocals in the past and none should be disappointed with his deep bestial roar on here. This is cult death/doom in it’s truest form. Expect a crushing debut album from D.O.M. soon!

Disciples Of Mockery, 153 Oaktree Ave., So. Plainfield, NJ. 07080, USA




”Chronic Copra Infest”

Demo 1998


You would think from reading the song titles to this album that you were about to here another early Carcass clone (General Surgery, Putrefaction, etc.). This is not the case however. The lyrics definitely consist of medical terms rarely used outside the field of medicine but the music is excellent brutal death metal that will crush you just as much as the first Suffocation LP's did. If that doesn't sound appealing enough to you then you probably don't like death metal and should go and buy the new Twin Obscenity album instead. Here is a small taste of lyrical content: "Stygmatodermuropyanephrosism on Imppetiginose Urogenism". You figure it out.  – Jeffrey Kusbel 

Disgorge c/o Edgar Garcia Alvarez - P.O. Box 1-310 - Queretaro, QRO 76001




”Hybrid” 1998 CD



They call themselves “prog-core” which seems like a ridiculous term. But after listening to this CD of rhythmic progressive metal-core it fits. I appreciate that this is well done but it is surely not my thing. Send $6 US/$7 World (M.O.’s and checks payable to Patrick Mullen).

Dissent, P.O. Box 567, Rockland, MA. 02370, USA Web = http://spyjurenet.com/dissent





CD-R 1999


This band Emailed me and said they are a traditional heavy metal band. So I of course said yes send your stuff and was looking forward to it. They lied!! They wouldn’t know heavy metal from a loaf of bread! What they do play is trend ‘jump’ music mixed with even trendier alternative/grunge music. Not very well played or written either, this band is a waste of space in a mag that supports real metal!!

Sandra Bee Mgmnt., 16310 St. Louis Ave., Markum, IL. 60426, USA





Demo / CD 1998


Some solid heavy and pounding death metal from Pennsylvania. There is room for improvement but not much is needed to put this excellent band over the top. Well worth the asking price, 5 songs for $6 US/$7 World to:

Divination, c/o John Scherrer, 413 South 14th St., Reading, PA. 19602, USA





Demo / CD


Well this is poorly constructed juxtaposed death metal. The material, which is mish mashed together is pretty sub-par to start with. There are 6 songs in their original version and then 5 out of 6 of those same songs are repeated in their “primal versions”. Primal huh…it is just the same songs played in reverse and the sad thing is they sound better backwards. Maybe whenever these guys write a song when they are finished they should play it backwards because it makes more sense. They say on their flyers, the songs are thoughtful symphonies and not any of that “mindless gore-laden grind”. Those gore bands are not mindless and know how to make better music than this. On top of this the band sent in a copy for review and then wanted it mailed back to them – cheapos J. You think I don’t drop $1,000 + postage on this mag each issue!? Well I do and I don’t have 4 other band members to split costs with either! Any other band writing in that wants to do this I am not santa claus so don’t bother sending it if you want it back! There is a promo-video on here that isn’t bad for those of you w/ a computer. Otherwise average in my personal opinion but the cost is $10 US if want to get a copy. These guys live on the outskirts of Philly apparently so I guess they will hate me if I see them at shows - such is life.

Divine Rapture, P.O. Box 159, Chester Heights, PA. 19017, USA Web = http://welcome.to/divinerapture





“Winter 2012 Promo” CD

Compilation CDR


This seems to be a brand new record label, so new it was very hard to find any kind of an online presence for the label. The same, to a lesser extent with the three bands they are kicking off the label with, all of whom are apparently brand new bands as well. Those three bands are Relentless, Nocturne, and Deathcult, with the exception of Deathcult who previously had a demo out, none of the other bands have released anything. Now I do not know if this is the label of one of the bands. But two of the bands Relentless & Deathcult are one man bands and both are the same man (Tim Pearons) doing everything for both bands. Nocturne is also a one man band, but a different guy than the other two one man bands, you got all of that straight haha? I think I do now. This release is basically a three song sampler, with one song form each band and one song is obviously not a lot to go on, but I will try my best. Relentless, as soon as I read the name I wondered if it was a Pentagram influenced band and named themselves after that bands classic album. That is the case they are very Pentagram influenced, a really cool song, entitled “United By Darkness”, replete with Bobby Liebling copy vocals. I like Relentless and want more, I am sucker for this stuff! Noturne hit us up with the song “Pain of Purity”, hard to take away a lot from one song, but I would say it is some interesting melodic flowing catchy death metal, not bad stuff. Finishing things off, we have Deathcult, who brandish a flaming sword of bitter, early 90s black metal destruction with a fuzzy, otherworldly fuzzy guitar sound, some cool riffing, a bit too stop and start in the middle for my liking, but it does add some dynamic to the song. The production is clear enough but pretty low-fi stuff which can be a positive with this style of bm. With this band I feel I need more material to make any kind of judgment, some stuff I really liked and some stuff I was so-so on with this track. One thing is for sure apparently Do Or Die Records plans to burst into 2013 like a blaze across the northern sky, as all three bands will be releasing full length records in first few months of the year. On a final note, love the artwork on the front and the killer fanzine style page borders on the inside of the booklet.  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/DoOrDieRecords  DoOrDieProductions@gmail.com